1. I broke my own rule about letting the bloggins go for four days without an update. This does not make me happy, but I had a guest in from out of town.

2. Somehow Glee is still on tv. But it seems to have forgotten that it’s a damn musical, and that it cannot take itself seriously. This is how things go to shit. Shelf that crap next to Cop Rock. In related news: WTF Lost? A rerun?

3. Looks like somebody had the old “Milwaukee Breakfast”:

4. Maybe you missed my unemployment tips? If you did, they’re over at for your reading pleasure.

5. I’ve got to email a girl about a cork fedora, which might be like seeing a man about a dog.

6. I got this letter from the New Yorker yesterday:

What’s funny is that my subscription doesn’t run out until August of 2011, and I pay nothing near that price. But I called into to make sure I was still on the cheap reads lists and I’m all good. Sarah a the subscription office was a peach. I’m now subscribed through August of 2016. (I have included the ruler for scale.)

7. I’m back into Murakami.

8. I guess this is real. Some people should have their lives revoked. You’ll dance to anything by any bunch of stupid Europeans who come over here
with their big hairdos intent on taking our money instead of giving your cash, where it belongs, to a decent American artist like myself.

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  1. Youll dance to anything by Depeche Commode

  2. a says:

    I loved Barbie Girl.

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