Summertime, Do it Right.

Summer, seriously.

1. Music

Anyone who’s still claiming pop radio can make a proper summer jam is telling you lies. Or cheap cialis they are 14. Fuck all that song of the summer shit. It’s further gone than Disney propagating a “Tar Baby” in Song of the South. I’m going to give you a moment to dwell on that one. Alright, moving on there hasn’t been a proper summer jam since that Kiwi joint, How Bizarre, just echoed in your head as you spent three months sharking high school girls at the home care pharmacy municipal swimming pool. Jaws. And don’t 30 mg cialis even mention that Katy Perry “California Girls” schlock. Fucking hell. A whole new level of worthless seems to exist between her tits.

If you want to spend your summer right, you need to grab these three albums:

Your summer just got better.

2. Fresh vegetables

I just made a whole year’s worth of pesto and I’ve been eating radishes nonstop for about 5 days. It’s cool though I’m still eating pork. And later today I’m going to make a fruit smoothie, simply because I can.

UPDATE—That smoothie was good. Strawberrys, peaches, grapes, pineapple, cataloupe and a banana. Get jelly.

3. Summerfest

Summerfest is a shit show. Don’t get me wrong I love what is does for the city, but I always wonder where these people come from. I mean I get the fools in the AFI/Bob Marley/Ed Hardy tees, that shit is just hitting the suburbs, so naturally the jockos out there are just getting into it. Hans Good said the kids out there are eating that shit up.

But where was this ever accpetable?

Of course the dude driving it had an amateur mohawk.

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