This One Slipped By Me

I attended a Meeting of the Minds last night and Mike dropped this knowledge:

“Did you hear about this indoor mountain biking course they are opening in Milwaukee?”

Whatever bro. Whatthefuckever. I was tempted to tell him about a few simple things you need to know in life:

  • Virginia is for lovers.
  • Work from the outer-most fork in.
  • There ain’t no party like a west coast party.
  • Soylent Green is people.
  • Mountain bikes are for outside.

Then this morning Keylo drops this bomb on me:

I guess I was too wrapped up in things like trivia and trying to get Laura Hadar‘s phone number, and this one just slipped right by me. But you know, never late then never.

And at least now I have this thing to play with  when the joint opens up:

And please don’t comment on the toe clips. Thems is gone.

Big thanks to EDK for the handstand hand modelingmanship

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  1. says:

    bsnyc’s “disembodied hand” of bike pic posing, times two! supersiccblud!

    also i must admit to liking your bike’s semi- moto- paintscheme. it’s not murdered out, like all my shit; nor is is STR9_DYPPT, but it’s good in its own way.

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