Wedding Weekend Recap

How you gonna to go wrong with a wedding featuring:

  • Red Charlie
  • Sexual Harassment Bob
  • the Drunken Poet.

Easy. You don’t. But these dudes weren’t even the greatest part. The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band was keeping us all moving. We were shaking rumps, blasting hand clappery, and horah-ing until the Pfister shut us down.

The bad news was that the kippah didn’t fit. That was tough to deal with. I guess that my Heebrish brothers just don’t have large grapes. They blobviously missed that eastern European gene.

But everything about this wedding was huge. It was Great to see S&J get married. Now it”s back to the real world as J returns to academia and S has to start her new job

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My friends are amazing.

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2 Responses to “Wedding Weekend Recap”

  1. Lori Lippitz says:

    Thanks for the shout out, and I’m glad you enjoyed the band!

  2. rumorator says:

    Lori, you guys were great. I’m considering becoming a groupie.

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