Lobster Pot Super Shot 1: The Southern Years

Now in my younger days I used to sport a shag.

There was the time we learned to makes things out stones and mortar.
The old dude, learning over, He was was part of the CCC. 40oz of respect.

That lady on the right, she’s in Haiti (well, she will be on Friday) saving lives. You’ll be at the mall.
This was in a town in Florida named after a planet, or after one of the Three Investigators.

And in this place fucking snakes would fall from the trees and sweat was a serious concern.
I remember reminding myself that I neeeded to take in at least 200oz of water daily.

Once, while in this part of the country I wrote a letter in a spiral to my some friends. I assume they never read it.
MFin Susan hasn’t written me a letter since we left.

I always felt like there was a lot of Marijuana growing all around. There we also  a lot of spiders and cliffs.

Super Spanish Speaking Zone
It wasn’t at this laundromat, but there is a Galaga machinein Jamestown, Tennessee
that I was mayoring 500 years before ForSquares.

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  1. TTG says:

    F’in Jupiter Jones! RVR throws down the obscure kid mystery book reference.

  2. rumorator says:

    I am so happy someone else knew what I was talking about there.

  3. A says:




  4. goosefeather says:

    Bloggers deserve NO Thanksgiving break!

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