4 Responses to “The Hold Over”

  1. a says:

    Aye Eff Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuugghhhhhh

  2. TTG says:

    I don’t think hatin’ on A-FM will get her to climb in the sack with you any time soon…

  3. rumorator says:

    Old Friend, no one over here is hating on Anne-Flore. She is at the pinnacle of credibility/legitness. Lady is out there doing her on thing, and making it work. Can’t stop that fever.

    Regards, Old Friend

    ps. Please send me some of that Livestrong juice

  4. TTG says:

    Actually, that was just me hating on you, but oh well. Green eyed monster and his misunderstood posts. When I get a shipment in, you will be getting some FRS.

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