Today In Shrad

Nick Visconti at 1:50 gives you a humper.

Ransack Rebellion teaser from Jesse Burtner on Vimeo.

It was a new year’s resolution of mine to stop going on about Nicks was so radness, but he can still lay down some pretty creative shit..

On the other hand, there’s always this:

I keep saying he’s following in the

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footprints of the Gator, but this latest fashion bit has me thinking he’s gonna start stealing the garage guy fan base from MJJ (mormon jeremy jones).

Can’t wait to see another leather jacket in Burton’s line up!


I don’t even know why you’re reading this, you should be talking about shrad in Wisconsin, over on Yobeat

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8 Responses to “Today In Shrad”

  1. TTG says:

    So what’s up with The Fonz?? Is he for friggin’ real?!? Since it’s now officially “cool” to pimp skinny jeans on a snowboard, can I now rock spandex to fit in??

  2. rumorator says:

    Well I guess that depends on who you want to fit in with?

    Skiers love to wear spandex. So do bikers (that’s your crowd anyway), So do people who shouldn’t wear spandex.

    But the real question here is, are you wearing skin tight jeans, or leathers? Only one can make you Fonzerrific.

  3. TTG says:

    The only thing missing from his X-Games performance was a ciggy hanging out of his mouth during his runs…

  4. d.f. says:

    so i’m still trying to figure out why you talk about “shrad” you obviously are too out of shape to make it down the hill and too opinionated to even be able to make it to the hill without having some sort of mental breakdown on how uncool this or that is about some one else… you should take up video games as a hobby, i hear obese people do wonderfully in that field, especially with maintaining their self esteem.

    cheers mate

  5. rumorator says:

    Oh Hey,

    I see you boys are running for the “Should have got a Tumblr” award.

    Cheers Mate.

  6. d.f. says:

    nah we’re not hip enough for tumblr like you. we’re running a contest though, it’s called “who’s gonna pay for our domain?”

    you is the obvious answer.

  7. rumorator says:

    I’m not sure if this is some sort of veiled threat straight out of a comic book:

    Villian: Who’s gonna pay for my domain?
    Average citizens: ummm…you!
    Villian: Wrong. The answer is YOU!

    Or is it some sort of mid 90s call and respond rap routine?

    Rapper: Who gonna pay for our domain?
    Average citizens: ummm…you!
    Rapper: I said who gonna pay for our domain?

    Man, that would be a super shitty rap song.

  8. d.f. says:

    you must have forgotten to take your aderall but the bold was a nice touch to the theatrics. maybe next time you can stick within the realm of a subject so we can finish our little conversation about you buying us a domain, seeing as how you can’t seem to get enough of d.f.

    cheers mate

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