The New.S.S.R.

It’s starting to seem that this way.  The people are not able to get their governor on the phone. Certain websites are being blocked inside the capitol. Instead of soup lines we’ve got pizza lines. And even though the coldwar Russians couldn’t make the trains run on time, at least they had trains.

And now we get this:

This is a recent broadcast from Russia Today. The land of oligarchs and vodka. And they are looking at Wisconsin and thinking “Why no news reporters report the truth of Weescoonsin. Heeeey! Go Badgers. Aaron Roodger. Green Bay cheese Packers.”

Where is the liberal media when we need them?

Full Disclosure: I lifted this from Edcetera’s twitter trough.

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  1. A says:

    Mitigating_factor: the biggest words on her USAToday front page read “DAYTONA SHOCKER.”

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