The Valentine’s Betterment Program

I gotta get this out today for a few reasons. Valentine’s day is fast approaching and the more time you have to prepare the better, also Thursday is a great day for lists, and no one reads blogs on Fridays anyway.

So I took the time out of my busy schedule of reading Craigslist Missed Connections to wisdom bomb all you would-be Valentiners. Valentines Day means different things to everyone. Some people are looking for the love of their life to surprise them, other people are thinking “maybe I’ll push for a three-way with her roommate tonight,” and still others will just be playing Call of Duty. But whatever your plans may be, here are some tips for an even better Valentine’s.

  • Wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey is a bad move. Wearing a Ben Roethlisberger one is an even worse move.
  • Start working out this weekend so you can brag about your routine.
  • Shower.
  • Even though you’re both guilty of it, don’t mention to your date that you’ve been stalking their moves on Facebook for the past three weeks.
  • Gentlemen, remember the Extra Optical Inch. Ladies, Telly Savalas.
  • Get your sex soundtrack set up. Kick it off with Fugazi’s Repeater album. If your date isn’t down with it, you’re not  down with them.
  • The two-dates-in-one-restaurant routine never works. Better Option: A quickie in the mop-room with the hostess or busboy.
  • KY His & Hers. Trust me I know.
  • Keep your dinner costs down with crystal meth, aka the Auburn Appetizer, aka Minnesota Slim Fast, aka the Shakesweight.
  • The number one Valentine’s Day movie is Dumplings.
  • Scope out a few tumblr accounts. If your dated isn’t as deadfucksexy as the people tumblr-ers repost, you should probably just stay home.


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