Sooooooopah Bowl

Well at least we’ve got Weezy on our side.

I’m about one Packers song away from tossing myself off the Hoan Bridge.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the Packers and all that, but just stop. There can be only one Super Bowl Shuffle. There can be only one Ickey Shuffle. There can be only one Highlander. So, Go Pack go! But packer’s fans please just slow it down a bit.


We got 27 seconds on the lakefront, from yesterday to deal with. Turn those speakers up to hear this wind whip.

lakefront from Rumorator von Rumorstein on Vimeo.

So here’s my gripe

The city tickets you for being parked in certain zones, which is fair enough. But the understanding is that citizens cannot park in these snow zones because the city is going to plow them.And this system is failing

This is how it goes down in Milwaukee. My friend, Cocaine Melissa, gets a text message that says it’s a snow emergency, so she has a few hours to move her car before the ticketing starts. BUT there are viagra cost per pill no repurcussions on the side of the city. They have as long as they want to get those streets plowed. And if they don’t get to them before the snow emergency ends, you as a citizen just have to deal with unplowed streets. I feel that if the city can’t deliver plowed streets with a certain time, let’s say 24 hours from declaring the snow emergency, the tickets issued for sildenafil black box warning that street should be voided.

I was driving through the city this morning and the snow zones were empty, people were strutting down to the emergency lots in -15 wind chills, and still the streets didn’t get plowed out. I’m not sure if their excuse is manpower or machines or what, but we’ve got 20% unemployment going on in this city, and it’s pushing 50% among black males. And yet we don’t have the workforce to clear some streets and sidewalks?

C’mon broders, A cialis side effects forum state of emergency was declared, funds should have been released. We need to get that money into the hands of people willing to shovel snow for a day. Pay ‘em $10/hour and I promise, you would have people working all day, streets how much does cialis cost without insurance would be looking good, and you know most of that money would be back into the economy within days, if not minutes. Added stimulus bonus.

Moral of the bloggery: Plow the fucking streets if you’re going to ticket on them.

Full disclosure: I have not been parking ticketed within the last two weeks.

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2 Responses to “Sooooooopah Bowl”

  1. TTG says:

    Makes sense. Amen!

  2. Grizz Adam says:

    There are to many Repukes in Milwaukee for something that smart to happen. Also get ready to listen to all the where’s global warming BS, you know its coming.

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