The winter batch of trivia wrapped up last night. It was a somber end. We asked the 60 questions, tossed some high fives, some daps, took some cash and splitzvilled that joint. We had no other choice. The Lord of Rings pinball machine in that place is busted to fuckall. I’m half surprised the ball never blasts right through the glass.

So co-host and I were talking to some other guys who have played a bit of pinball in their day. And everyone is telling us two things: ArtBar is has a sweet Indiana Jones game and Thurmon’s has Batman.

Here’s the thing: I don’t go deep enough into Riverwest to hit ArtBar. So it seemed like Thurman’s was a good choice. But everyone keep saying things to us like, “Oh yeah, they have pinball in the back, where people go to smoke herb. You guys get high?” or “Oh yeah, Thurman’s. There will probably be a couple of guys smoking weed on the pinball machines.”

So we head over to Thurmon’s. Walking in we are greeted by a huge mural of Jerry Garcia. This is my first clue that this place isn’t named after Buffalo Bills’ superstar running back Thurman Thomas. We made our way to the back of the bar where the Batman machine was. And what the fuck do you know? There are two dudes smoking grass back there. Shit. The whole place smelled like that sweater I used to wear in college.

We didn’t stick around.

Instead we made our way to Landmark and ran the circuit.

Shayboarder’s Rumorator’s Honesty Box: Nightmare on Elmstreet pinball is garbage barge. A functioning Lord of the Rings game is top notch. Batman and Indiana Jones are somewhere in the top 5 as well.

Part 2:

NWBROWHETHER is claiming he’d do nothing but ride u-tubes, if there where was one in all of Warshington State. Go tell him what you think here.

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Part 3:

Whistler is only 14 days away.

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