Is it finally Spring?

It seems that the possibility of snow is officially out of the forecast. Normally I don’t celebrate such a thing, but for the last two months it’s been cold and rainy. The kind of cold and rainy that threatens to turn to snow at any minute, but never does. And even if it did, it would be crap snow. You can’t ride snowboards. Riding bikes is uncomfortable and sloppy. It’s been all around gross weather.

But it seems it’s finally getting to be spring-ish, so I’ve been taking the bike out the last few days and putting in some warm-ups on the river trails. The good news is the the west side of the river is a million times better than it was last year. Don’t get me wrong, there are still the homeless hide-a-ways, thousands of pounds of scattered trash and some great places to shoot up, but it’s better than it was. The trails have been cleared of the the down trees and such, and there are some fun new elements going on over there. I even stumbled across this:

I stopped to check this thing out, and it’s rather wobbly. But that’s probably just my excuse to not hit it. generic cialis for sale. viagra price france. best over the counter viagra. generic cialis online

In fact I’ve used that excuse before. In college.

Colby: Yo Rumorator, you gonna hit that?
RvR: Nah man, she looks just a little too wobbly.
Colby: Good point. Wait a minute…Why is Goose getting a piggy-back ride from her friend?

That actually sums up every weekend for several years of my life.

The east side of the river is getting super puss. It seems a lot of the fun stuff has gone on the Parks Department hit list. They’ve dumped stupid amounts of gravel and and wood chips, making it very hiker friendly and absolutely zero fun for bikes. The gentrification of nature. It’s also 25 percent swamped out between Hubbard Park and Hampton Ave.

As for the gear update. I replaced my Shimano XTR derailleur, which snapped off after a viscous bout with a log at Ray’s Mtn Bike Park. I also tossed on some Xpeddo Face Off XMX13 pedals. They’re rad. My shins will come to hate them. I’m sure of it.

Part Two: This record has got some Seoul

Part Three: Other Musics

The Beastie Boys are getting some major NPR talk time lately. I think this means I’m really too old.

And lastly I’m finally going to get to see Aesop Rock in concert. 10 years later.

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  1. TTG says:

    Platforms?? Really?!! I’m officially insulted.

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