The Tuesday Mega-Mix

First off, let’s talk about bikes. I’ve been hitting the trails a fair amount this past week. Saturday I even threw down on a 24-miler through the woods because I thought that would be a good idea. Actually it was because I was at the John Muir Trails and I did the first 12-mile loop incredibly sloooooow. I’m not sure what caused it, but I was lagging. I was dragging. I was doing the frumpty dance.

So I opted to do the loop again. and it was way faster, way faster, way faster.

There is one zone that is really rad. Mini berms and hits and I pedaling into the first:

Then shit all went foul. Directly after the mini berm I was on to this little ramper stone, which tossed me right off the damn trail and about 15 feet into the trees. I’m unsure how it happened but it was fast and quite funny being I didn’t get injured.

That’s pretty much how it went down. Granted the perception is off and this straight sasquatch sighting image quality but you can see a little bit of my bike there in the distance. The crash was great to because I thought I was clear when I dumped the rig in mid-air. Then I landed, slid to a stop and had it land on me.

The next rider that came by asked if I was okay, I said yeah, then he asked again. “Are you sure you’re alright.”

Creeper. I think he was trying to lure me back to his vehicle to molest me. After that, another

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guy cam through, crashed, almost hit me and got up laughing. So we ran our bike back up the hill to both of us properly rode through the second time.

Part 2:

Official Sawdust City Trailer from Small Form Films on Vimeo.

If you think this is a good thing you could support it a little bit, by clicking here.

Part 3:

J+J’s wedding



And a Rainbow of Broads!

And, the Ketubes was put into action. Everyone was loving it, so a huge high-five to the Ketubah crafter. If anyone needs one created for their wedding, I might know just the person.

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  1. Hans Good says:

    rumorator, i ate some major shit today on my way home from work on my bike, it made me think about this post and how when your biking you can end up with your face against a tree with a broken cheekbone, 2 fingers and in definite need of some stiches.
    thanks for your time,
    (since that guy predicted the apocalypse wrong and said his math was off (again) do i get your fine estate when it ends in october or whatever random ass day his finger lands on the calendar around? just wondering…)

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