Dodging Rain Drops

Yo, Rumorator, have you been out biking lately.

Umm, nope. Um, nope. It’s raining like a beast around here. Trails closed all over the place. I keep thinking it will get better, but, umm, nope.

But I still have a bike. I ride it when the weather is agreeable.

And at least my bike doesn’t look like this:

Look at that thing. Skinny tires, no suspension, dual water bottle cages. Fuck that thing.

More on that bike later.

Moving on:

Did you see this?

OH! Look at that. We’ve got T-Hags front and center. Okay maybe not front and center, but he’s certainly got the male lead in this video.

That video is like a commercial for laundry detergent. So bright.

Plus we had JV showing up on NPR and the Colbert Report this week. Not a bad run for the kid.

What else?

You see this thing?

That’s full of worms and newspaper shreds.

Fucking at-home composting. Getting gritty.

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5 Responses to “Dodging Rain Drops”

  1. Randy says:

    Yobeat sticker on a mountain bike? That breaks the sticker rules, son.

  2. j says:

    van dessel story: needed

  3. rumorator says:

    Nope. If the rules still applied, you could only put Yobeat stickers on your computer. But since the internets are omnipotent, it’s totally fair played.

  4. rumorator says:

    Van Dessel story coming. Believe me, it’s not good.

  5. A says:

    I rode for two hours non-stop after work on Tuesday. Well, I stopped a couple of times to ride into bushes and fall over, but you know what I’m talmbout holmz comeonsrsly. Getting my endurance back, I’m up to 55% bike skyllz. Respeck.

    As far as rain: get a fuckin fender wtf.

    My apartment building just got a giant yard waste bin. I guess we’re supposed to put egg shells and celery in the thing. I can’t be bothered.

    Carry on.

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