Recall Tuesday

It’s going down in Wisconsin today. I should also note it’s Twofer Tuesday at some pawn shop here in town. I know this because I’ve seen the commercials way too many times. I know this because the Cap City Estate gets free mystery cable.

We got a lot to cover, so lets do this:

1rd: London Heat

People are angry in London. I guess this is what happens when you take away jobs and public services people are like, “Fuck it, we can tear this shit down. We built it.”

Part of the anger may be caused by the confusion over the great TJMaxx vs TKMaxx debate.

I mean who’s really delivering the Maxx for the min? Who’s got more more off-salmon color polo shirts  for $14.99(Compare to $89.99)?

What bothers me about this picture is  who isn’t in it:

This girl, the grrrman isn’t in it. Picking me up a new euro Carhartt belt. Whyte folks must have gone ape when they realized this place was having a riot sale.

Meanwhile Johnny Lydon now has to ask himself which side he’s really on. You still punk johnny?

2st: This one is for A-man

Seattle is beautiful this time of year:

3th: new blogbuddies

I added Huckleberry Hart to the blogroll. You’d be wise to take a minute and read his shit up.

4nd: Help Wanted

Open call for internships.

What you’ll do:

  • Make coffee
  • Pour coffee
  • Delivery coffee
  • Take notes
  • Write blogs and tweets when I don’t want to
  • Learn to be wicked funny
  • Hold my cigarette and beer while I pee in this bush
  • Maintain my composting bin

What You’ll get:

  • Invited on bike rides
  • Invited on snowboarding excursions
  • a reason to hang out with me
  • probably some promo stuff
  • A cot in the basement
  • A blackberry
  • I free trip to SIA 2012 complements of
  • No college credit
  • 12x your recommended daily dosage of “Oh, fuck yeah” moments

You’ll also want to have a camcorder, insurance, a healthy tolerance for pain and drug use, a hook-up on sunglasses and no real respect for religion or the oxford comma. It is required that you are at least 21 years of age and have the  ability to stand for 8 hours a day.

This is an unpaid internship.

5st: sounds

Have we been listening to the Cloak Ox lately?

Probably should be.

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3 Responses to “Recall Tuesday”

  1. mr. chantha says:

    seattle is lovely. xoxo

  2. Hans Good says:

    Since I have nowhere to live for the fall semester I would be in for the intern opportunity. Other than needing a place to live, it is an amazing resume builder/ life experience.

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