Part one:

I’m pretty sure that’s poop on my tire:

What I don’t know for sure is

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if it’s from a human or some other beast.

The next part one

Maybe you’ve heard of Capita Super Corporation. Maybe you’ve heard the full trailer dropped today and people got all bonered about it.

I’m pretty sure the most entertaining part is Old Snowboard Realms himself getting named Texas Long Balls. That’s funny.

Plus that dude is soooo tall. A-man tried to get a picture of him in Whistler, but he didn’t fit in the frame. All we got was a pic of his boot. Luckily, someone snapped this pic of him hanging out with a friend.

There probably won’t be enough Sean Whyte in this video.


What’s it going to take to get coaster brakes installed on a mtn bke the winter?

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  1. a says:

    coaster brakes is easy blud. I think. I like the fixie dudes what put the coaster brakes on. That’s tite. I wish they were more stealth, but whatever. Cool widdit.

    Horseshit is all over my local trails. Post-holing ass trail destroying shit machines. Fuck em. Sometimes they’re fresh, all steaming and stonk. Sometimes they’re old and back to dry hay. Sometimes they’re just right, with slugs crawling on them. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM horseshit!


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