Murakami Day aka How you gonna not get down?

I can only assume you felt it when you woke up today. Perhaps your alarm was less alarming, or the water in the shower was not as wet. But something had changed. This is what happens on Murakami day. Things are different. Things are softer. You understand that something is askew, but you move forward.

1Q84 hits books stores today. Or Kindles if you’re one of those. I hope all of you Kindle/Nook schnooks forget how amazing books are. Need proof? Dig it:

A couple of things come out of this.

One: It’s so rad to finally know how to properly pronounce Knopf. And it even radder to see that they are willing to put this kind of work into a book cover. You aint getting this in trade paperback. Fuck No. Hardcover first edition. I’m buying two and keeping one deadstock. Sneakerheads is flipping in five years when I show ‘em my collection and don’t even let ‘em open the cover on the Murakami. Trust me, the words is in there.

Two: Two moons, of course. WHY THE FUCK NOT? For real. Sure you can charm some college girl’s funderoos down to the ankles with talk about anglish, but it’s time to grow up and get real world. This is “I should have won the Nobel Prize in literature” right here. So naturally we have two moons. And I take it in stride. Fuck it, it’s real life.

Whoa, I’m kind of exhausted and have half-wood after that.

I should also note, you need to be supporting your local bookstores on something like this. I will be picking up my copies of 1Q84 at Boswell Books in Milwaukee, mostly because Madison doesn’t have shit for local bookstores downtown. Tons of used book stores and a feminist bookstore, but nothing that just sells books. Niche marketing to the maxxx.

Not even an anarchist bookstore, who cooks for you, who cooks for you?

Los Dedos Doblar

You guys wanna go traTIMEveling?
Cool, then lets take it back to ’98 for a minute. You remember that year? Dub Brand Outerwear jackets? With that hood that rolled into the collar and like 500 branding hits all over them? Backyard snowboarding? Damn those days were the shits.

Seriously what year is this?

Arnette is rolling up again. And they got Del at the helm. Shit, my high school self is going wild on the inside. Next up, I’m gonna try and charm my way into some girls pants by talking about raps and snowboards and books (protip: this never works it. It never has. It never will. Just get some vodka instead).

In reality those is some good looking specs. I should try to score up some of those. I wonder if they fit cabezas gigantes?

Here’s more of a run down.

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2 Responses to “Murakami Day aka How you gonna not get down?”

  1. a says:

    I’ve been told your man’s see-thru cover-cover will have a hard time surviving five years, even if put on super boxhead-style storage permaphrost ice.

    And that there’s a gnarly typo on page 1.

    Other than that, I’m widdit. I stays analog.

  2. TTG says:

    “Bonking. Bonking. Bonking off the jib-jump.” You little tune popped into my head the other day and seems oddly appropriate for this posting…

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