Murakami was robbed. I’m calling preferential Scanner treatments. Dynamite prize could have gone to the man who gave us this:

Instead we get this this dude:


You see online pharmacy cialis how that worked:

So yeah, Steve Jobs. Johnny Apple himself. Tough break for sure. The guy totally knew how to cialis generic uk market the fuck outta something. But let’s not forget how exclusive and proprietary Apple has been. And the measure of the man is something to be discussed. Billy Gates drops millions of dollars all around the world trying to solve problems and is still a nerd-monster. Johnny Apple, cuts all philanthropic giving by Apple, pretty much redefined planned obsolescence, and gets treated as a online pharmacy overnight delivery god.

Did he do a lot to make computers easier to use? Yes. Did his company dominate the media-delivery landscape over the past decade? Yes. But he was a capitalist, that was his goal.

People keep saying that he will go down in the books next to Ford and Edison. But, please remember that Henry Ford pretty much found his workers expendable and Edison was a patent thief.

Shayve’s Honestly box: I’m typing this on viagra pill a Mac at my office. My home is run by a MacBook, MacBook Pro, a Mac Mini and a G tower. I prefer the Mac Platform. They are great computers. Jobs had some sildenafil online amazing insight. In the end he has given me nothing, but he has sold me a lot of things.

Wrap it up:

This year’s snowboardering costume:


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  1. gingSTEELE says:

    i’m happy that camouflage got tossed out of the mix

  2. gingSTEELE says:

    afterthought: steve jobs died? oh.

  3. mr. chantha says:

    agreed; coz ur right n i wuz tired of all the stroking.

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