AudioBlogging #3

This week I’m going on about Snowboarding (finally), Jamil Khan, John Sommers, splittering, and buffalo wild wings.  Oh, and I have music. Get with it.

Blaudio 11-17-11 by Rumorator

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3 Responses to “AudioBlogging #3”

  1. A says:

    I walked up a hill and did a few powder slashes on my splitboard today. Shit was fun.

    As you know, I’m done trying to convince people to splitboard. If you were gonna be a down ass splitboard homey, you’d already be splitboarding, homey.

    And we don’t dislike lifts, we dislike lift lines.



  2. A says:

    Also: you really were that deep into jam banding?

  3. lv says:

    Do you audio blog because you are too lazy to type? This shit is blocked at work so I can’t listen to it even if I was so inclined.

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