Head Above Surface


This is where we’re at for now:

1.     There is now real snow here.

2.     The fake snow is now like concrete, with ribbing.

3.     I am too afraid of falling to get mildly wicked on the shredder.

4.     This is what happens when I decide rails should be part of my first run of the day.

call me anytime, ladies.


Early Season Product Review

Holden Field jacket: Still long, but I’ve gotten used to it

Holden Durden pants: The legs are still attached and I haven’t caught my peep in the zipper yet. In reality I like these pants much more than I anticipated. I find them agreeable.

Burton Pointer pants: Solid pants, again the legs are still attached and no dick carnage. I like that these have buttons rather than snaps. I suspect I can ride switch in these.

Burton Mr. Nice Guy: This is a fun thing to have strapped to my feet. I am pleased with my purchase.

Orange-ish/Red toque I found in my basement: Top notch. Rather versatile, I can wear it alone, under my helmet or even just tucked into my back pocket. Also, warm. Great on boxes and rails.

8 days of a sore ass-muscle: Fuck this thing.



Maybe I’m just missing it.
But I don’t think so. Let’s cover the key elements here:

·       An snowman with a high heel shoe as his nose

·       The line “Frosty the Crossdresser”

Do you get it? Are you laughing?

Does this make any sense to anyone? Am I missing something? Is it something with the hair or the shape of the mouth? I’m so confused. I’ve always known a crossdresser to be someone who dresses as the opposite gender. I’ve also always considered snowmen asexual. I can say this because at no point in my life have I thought, “I’m kinda wanna see that snowman’s donger or vagina.” Which is uncommon, as I’ve thought that about most personified and a fair number of inanimate objects.

Now had the heels been simply put at the base of the snowman I would get it. It wouldn’t be funny, but I would understand it. But the heel as a nose, where it is replacing a button or possibly a carrot, is beyond me.

This is probably going to ruin my Christmas.

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