2012-19 Deal With My Opinion Please

We’re gonna get real for a second. And I mean really real. We’re about to take it back to the get-go. Not that I want to. Fuck, I was over winter this year. I’m getting the bike all tuned up. Getting ready to shred roots and dirt and leaves and pretty much just smell like Wolves in the Throne Room sounds. But my bald friend, Colbish, sends me this and it’s all over.


So naturally I flip through it and have gripes with way too much of it. We don’t have time to get up on all of it, so we are just going to address a few points.

  • This is about snowboard graphixxx, not snowboards, not snowboarders. Keep that in mind.
  • Where the fuck is the Dave Seone art?
  • Where the dix is the Ali Goulet rally car?
  • No blue girls? Srsly guys, do some research.
  • Also, no Capita decks? Not one? They have been atop the graphixxx game for a few years now. This is a fact.
  • #46 The explanation has nothing to do with graphics. Complex, please stick to your story for at least the first 10 entries.
  • #45 Is right on.
  • #39 Should be top ten. It’s the fucking Gonz, and it glowed in the dark.
  • #38 Remember this topsheet
  • #37. I forgot about this jawn. Twas great.
  • #27 They picked the worst Seven model ever. But given that this is Complex, their choice doesn’t surprise me.
  • #26 Well that is a dumb statement
  • #24 Go ahead and call the Atlantis logo simple. But remember that ornament is a crime.
  • #20 Another Brushie, but still not the the mainest Brushie. I’m really surprised his Ride pro-models didn’t make this cut. The one with the squirrel was crazed. Also the Ride Jenni Waara was from outer space,
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    or Europe. Unsure.

  • #17 Wrong
  • #16 Right
  • #15 I found it interesting that this deck made it in but the Kemper Andy Hetzel didn’t. I like Salasnek, but Hetzel is still the World Champion. He at least deserves a nod here. Very similar boards. Now compare the topsheet of the Salasnek to #38. Now it seems double-double derivative. If it was, I’m not sure.
  • #11 Yup
  • #10 A type of classicness your mind cannot comprehend.
  • #1 Picking the Snurfer is a cop out. Dude should have just picked “all of them.”
  • Also, Lamar was so fucking thriller in the day. Szabo, Ranquet, Cardiel. Pull over, your brain is now in the broke down lane. Then there was the Jimi Scott chameleon board.
  • #22 was the wrong Balance to pick.
  • #32 and #7 are graphically speaking almost the same board and rather dull. Same with the Burton Mystery air and the CK air. Sure they are iconic boards, but more for their riders and what was done on them than what was printed on them.
  • No Twin Oujia or Two Girls? Pssht.

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  1. a says:

    That a site so ugly could have the balls to have a list of best graphics is a joke. Discussing Complex lists has been impossible since forever. Their click-each-one styles are horrendous.

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