2012-39: You Can’t Touch This

The pic is pretty much unstoppable. Kind of iconic at this point too. I could just post it up because it’s so fucking awesome. But really, it’s because that dude on the guitar, it’s his birthday. And not just any birthday. SeƱor McKay is 50.

For what it’s worth, Fugazi was the first concert I ever saw. It was at First Ave in Minneapolis. I totally lied to my parents to get there too. I had to work on a Sunday morning and then I was going to see the show that night. Naturally I told my parents I was going apple picking with A. Kobersnatch in the morning, and then I would be working in the evening.

Apple picking. WTF, right?
Shit was a top-notch parent lie. Never did pick apples with that mamajama either. That was probably for the best though, as I heard everyone else did. HEY-O!

Anyway, half a century. That’s legit. And he’s held fast to truth. So much respect.

I should say a big thanks to IanDC of Lenorable to tipping me off.

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  1. a says:

    I haven’t heard that shit in forever.

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