2012-48: Gutters

Let’s begin.

Listen uppish. You know I see some shows, right? It’s pretty much all I’ve got going on over here. But that’s not what’s important. The key thing is I recently saw Aziz Ansari. I even copped the marquee pic to prove it.

But don’t worry, I shot that from hip level so I wasn’t gotted, spotted and blotted for hackory. Whatever, in my old age my give-a-fuck-ometer seems to have a -3 preset. Plus, comics are rad. There ain’t nothing wrong with comedy dorkery. I just gotta keep telling myself that.

But back to the show. First off, there were absolutely zero steaks going on at the show. It seems Outback Steakhouse dropped the ball on this one. Then again, I suspect most people have the same feeling walking out an Outback Steakhouse.

But Aziz (Jesus, get to

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the story man) so Aziz shows up wearing a suittux, or whatever you call the men’s apparel that fits in the zone between a suit and tuxedo. He was total looking-good comedy guy. Now that I think about it, the Amex commercials are the only time I’ve seen him not in a suit. Proper.

And how does his Madison fan base repay him? With this of course:

Sorry about the crap image, I had to run a flash in a theatre. 100% dick-move. I took a picture of this mamajama, with a flash, while I was seated directly behind her, just so I could comment on her garb.

But really, stack it up:

Locomotive Bibs—I choo-choo-choose to bust on your fashion choices. They call me the conductor. These are probably her favorite things to wear, overall. I’m staying on the rails as a lazy train.

Swimsuit—I like a base layer that keeps the lake and river filth closer to my genitals. A bra and funderwear are totally acceptable for impromptu pool action if you don’t have a swimsuit, but this is not the symmetric property. Perhaps she had just finished her annual Madison hippie bath. I like to dress like a Counting Crows’ song.

Footwear: I never saw them but can only assume they went one of four way: tevas, birkenstocks, hiking boots or bare feet. Probably bare feet.

The number of people per capita making questionable fashion choices in Madison is astronomical. This is the word of omgawd.


Polica. I bought the vinyl. Really. I have nothing to play it on. I think this is my version of skinny pants.


After the concert I went to Mickey’s because it’s close to my lair. And the word on the street was that the band was gonna be there. So many Manitou heads. Old connects. Good news is, 12 years after meeting him, I’m pretty sure Hurlbert is one of the most authentic dudes out there. Solid Gold for sure.

Check out the majesty of this image:

You see that drink on the left? That’s a Canadian Club on ice. The drink on the right? That belongs to the girl I spent my early 20s dating and hating and dating and hating and finally coming to terms with and becoming friends with. She’s getting married on June 2nd. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of her.

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  1. mr.chantha says:

    CC on the rocks. respect.

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