2012-50 The Coming Summer Madness


This is how you crash a blog:

Spend like 75 hours a week thinking about work. Come back the next Monday and do it all over again. BOOM! Blog

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But I’m gonna keep this shit on life support. So until someone pulls the plug, please bear with me.


On my walk to work this morning I saw this:

I felt bad for just snapping a pic of some kid on a unicycle. But how else is he going to learn, if not for public embarrassment?

But my story does not end there, while on the same block I saw two other people riding towards me on the sidewalk. And it was ANOTHER KID ON A UNICYCLE. Dos Unies in the mornin’? I was not ready for that. I could tell it was a unicycle from like 200 feet away by the ridiculous amount of work the dude’s legs were doing. There was also a fair amount of arm flailing. And again, the rider seemed to be with his father, or some sort of father figure.

I’m unsure if the schools were having some sort of unicycle day or what, but there are several issues that need to be addressed. First off, sidewalks are for people. Cycles of any kind are to be on the road. Also, someone needs to crush whatever hopes and dreams these kids have in mind with their unicycles. I would assume their parents would do this, but they clearly aren’t. This is surely the disintegration of family values the right wing is always talking about.


I’m trying to do something with this:

The father from Out of This World was just like Marty McFly when he donned the radiation suit to command 1955 George McFly to date Lorraine, except he had

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way better B-boy moves.


It’s a good day for old music:

You needn’t watch the whole thing. You can grasp the awesomeness that was the early oughts in the first 5 minutes. Get more here chigliak.com/media

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  1. A says:

    Never take pics of unicyclists: that’s exactly what they want.
    Today is morrissey’s birthday.

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