2012-52: Full Frontal Friday

1rd You guys want to discuss the gyro. Weirdest style of meat available. I suspect it’s just one level above hot dogs. Maybe even one level below Hebrew Nationals. But it’s a fucking fantastic sodium delivery vehicle. 2st Use your Crocodile lisinopril dosage Dundee voice for this one: “That’s not a yard sale. This is a yard sale.” Seriously, Madison, what the fuck? doxycycline dosage Is this neighborhood zoned for slummage and landfillery? 3th I get this ridiculous neighborhood newsletter. Presumably, so I’m alerted to parades, cut-rate famers’ markets and what buildings are now open to squatting. As with 90 percent of what arrives via the mail, http://levitradosage-uses.com/ I was going to toss this directly into the recycling bin. Then I noticed picture on the first page. I also noticed the amount of copy on the first page. It’s a miracle anyone does anything but throw away this newsletter. ttly tl dr. But the pic is what’s important. Oh dang, that’s Dengue Fever. I like that band. It seems they’re playing

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some event in my neighborhood. So I skim the first page. I get nothing. Turn to page two. Fuck the story isn’t there. Instead I have to turn to page 6 or 8 or some shit. Like this is goddamned Wired magazine. Muthafucking Outside. Like a friggin Playboy softcore mag. But instead of getting interrupted with a fashionable tank top slipping off some sweet juggs, I was only interrupted by more words. So I roll over to page six or whatever and I skim again, focusing

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on the bolded words. Again I see nothing. Fuck this. One more time. Slower now. Finally. They are playing Saturday night. No idea of the time or place. The festival is called the Marquette Waterfront Festival, so naturally it’s on the Waterfront, right? Well here’s the rub, asshole — I live on an isthmus. Two waterfronts for you to go fuck yourself with. It honestly took me like twenty minutes to find out when and where. In fact, it took so long to learn the details, the deets, the deet-a-leets I ended up missing the show. That was a lie. I’ll be seeing them tomorrow night. If you’re in Madison, you should too.

4nd Shout out the twitter levitra 20 mg cost peeps

@BillyNorfWoods is getting married this weekend. Coincidently, so is Aldu Fawnchawn. But not to each other. I’ve been here for like 10 months now and I still have yet to meet up with BillyNorf. I think that shit should change.

Torontario Connexion @RhysHastings is in a “Show of your city by bike” kind of contest sponsored by Rapha.

The dude is legit. Torontario is all flesh and flash. Rapha is mega. Take some time, register for it and support the guy. And when you’re voting, remember he’s foto B in gallery one.

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