2012-62 A Record of Homewreckery #1

Doesn’t matter who lived in your house before you did, there is likely some weird shit happening. Mostly because you have no idea how the previous livers lived.

With that in mind, Arpodeepo sent me this pic from the early stages of Castledeepo.

There are so many questions unanswered by this image. Foremostly, What the fuck is going on here. We’ll never be able to answer that, but I think it’s a safe assumption to say the builder has a very limited understanding of how shelving works. As Arpodeepo himself said, “Where is the pole? Was it completed and the pole fell off due to load bearing issues? Was the pole reused in a more improved version at his new house? Or was it never finished?”

Other questions I want the answers to:

  • What’s behind the cardboard?
  • Did the builder look at the perfectly adequate load bearing shelves on the wall perpendicular to their worksite and think, “That method seems to work, but I’ve got a better idea”?
  • What was it the builder held up and said “I know the perfect place to install a fucked up dowel system to hold these bitches. Right by the sandwich bags”?
  • The spacer boards look like standard 2x4s. So why are there three behind one and four behind the other?
  • Is this custom work?

Houses are beyond wacky.

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  1. Casual Reader says:

    Castledeepo pic is missing.

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