2012-68: Back to the Board

Firth thing firth:

Tom Sims passed away. The guy did a lot to push snowboarding in the early days. Moefaniel’s Sims Pocket Knife(?) was the first real board I rode.

I often wondered how he felt  about what his brand became—a shell of a legacy. I hope he lived life well and with few regrets. Keep riding, señor.

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That’s It, That’s All
Red Bull presents


Introspective voice over that wants to be as much about life as snowboarding? CHECK
Sleds? CHECK
Japanese people doing what the fuck? CHECK

I’ve come to assume anytime you’re watching A SNOWBOARDING FILM SO EPIC IT TOOK TWO YEARS TO SNOWBOARD AND FILM, your going to be snoozing even faster. To put it in mathematicsical parlance:

(Filming + Post Production) correlates directly to ∑ .

Given that ∑ is the amount of movie you will miss because you fell asleep.

I can only assume with the two-year time frame, 3 weeks were set aside for proper walkie-talkie voice overs.

“Bloop…Dropping.  CUT! Let’s do that again.”

There was even a walkie talkie intro of Terry Henderson. Like the dude needs it. Just let him blast that method and people will all be like, “Oh that’s goddamn Terry Henderson. That crazy muthafucker ran the Baker Banked fakie and won. I once saw him at the Boston Pizza in Abbotsford, BC.”

The fact that this movie is gonna be free increases the likelihood of me watching it by roughly 100%

Lastly, Ride Snowboards. Talk about a shell of a company. Sheeesh.

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This Probably Won’t Work

Fuck this thing As someone  very concerned about my hair and my brains (What else have a got, right?) I can understand the want for this product. But, because it just seems more Rumorator-ish, I think I’m going to stick with one of these:

Thanks to Co-host for bringing this to my attention.

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One Response to “2012-68: Back to the Board”

  1. a says:

    I loved the previous “Naturally” eps I’ve seen. That kid is rad. He’s like 20 years old, dude. Straight airs into pow, Haakonsen, Haakon-son (anyone calling cool Japanese soul rider dudes that?), and that song?–I’m fully into it.

    AKA fuck you old man! (even though that looks like an old man style vid)



    Fuck you.

    BP in A tag tho: you got me with that one. Whattup with clevertags? They get replaced by instagram hashtags? WHERE ARE PEOPLE CHOPPING IT UP ON THE NET?

    Also yeah: Sims Burton Barfoot those were UNDERFOOT back in my crew’s very first days. Free pass for life. May his mustache (and the bikini babes) stay trimmed 4ever. Up in HEAVEN. Wearing gaiters made of clouds. Or whatever.

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