2012-77: The Election Day Addendum

I wrote up this piece for Yobeat about the importance of voting. It wasn’t supposed to be unbiased, it was just part of what goes into my choices for voting. In addition to that, I joe’s pharmacy should have added this part:

As a young person there are a few things you should be doing. Having some sex is one of those. And that sex shouldn’t be about being in love and wanting to spend more than 30 minutes with the other person. It needs to be about testing the waters, discovering your own kinks and getting off a few times.

Unfortunately, unplanned pregnancies can happen when dipping in. When they do, the partners involved need to discuss what is going to be done about it. And society should be thankful that how safe is canadian online pharmacy we have a safe option for giving peoples

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lives back to them. I’m not condoning abortion as a kind of birth control, jesus christ man, it’s way easier to toss on a condom than it is to discuss terminating a pregnancy.

But look around you. Look at your friends. How many of them do you think are ready to be mothers or fathers? How many of them are ready to give up on everything else to dedicate their lives to a partner they met on a fling, while they were trying to figure themselves http://mycanadianpharmacy-maxtrust.com/ out? Now, just assume that most of those people feel the same way about pharmacy online viagra you.

An unwanted child is going to certainly cramp your riding schedule. It’s going to fuck up your work life, social life and even your schooling. Keeping abortion safe, legal and affordable is crucial to a progressing society. Mistakes happen. You should learn from them, but the results shouldn’t have to keep you down for the rest of your life. Why would you vote for someone who is going to do nothing to protect the rights of young women, because his boogieman in the sky said it was wrong. Jello Biafra’s god told him to skin you alive, but he’s not telling all of use need to do what his god says. Anne Frankly, women’s right to choose will protect many men as well.


I think this is the best part I have seen come out this year.

Sure he’s got the Michael Myers thing going on, and Michael Bay would shit on his special effects but, this is canadian pharmacy online safe riding is really, really great.

Non-fucking stop. Watch it twice.

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4 Responses to “2012-77: The Election Day Addendum”

  1. a says:

    i did watch it once
    felt like i watched it two times
    good rails and weird bibs

  2. Sarah A. Kleven says:

    Will this be the advice you give your children, should you ever have any? Or is this piece just for show?

  3. rumorator says:

    If I were to ever procreate, I would want my child to live a fun a fulfilling life. Thus, this is the sentiment I would try to instill in them:

    It is better to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but accidents happen. This is a decision that you’re going to carry with you the rest of your life. Do not make it lightly.

  4. TTG says:

    Frontside rail to backside ass crack… trick of the year.

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