2012-81: Winter is Coming™ or Some Shit Like That


I rode a snowboard this past weekend. I also saw this thing:

Pretty badass, right? Renegaded.


And this happened as well.


Then this classic gem:

Laster of Aris:

I guess this is a thing:

Really, aren’t we all veterans of this war.

You guys remember

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when New York plates was ghetto yellow, with broke blue writing?

End Transmission.

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2 Responses to “2012-81: Winter is Coming™ or Some Shit Like That”

  1. a says:

    dude just set truck drivers back twenty years WTF

  2. CLK says:

    New York went back to the yellow/navy scheme.

    The ones with Lady Liberty were my fav.

    Those and Maine ones with lobsters on them.

    Fuck your couch.

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