Recently I, Czarek Leopold Kielbaski, was let go from my place of employment. I won’t go into what I did

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for work. That’s not important. What’s important is that I am here, for all of you now. Not even entirely sure why I was let go. Of course they explained their reasoning, but as I was getting the explanation, I was simply too busy worrying about how I’d be able to maintain my affinity for smoking marijuana, (even though pot is sometimes called “trees”, I assure you they do not grow on any…at least not around here), and totally missed what they said. What I did hear, loud and clear, is my boss say that he and I can both agree that me being let go was what’s best for both the company and me. REALLY!?! How is that possible, when no sooner than 20 minutes before he came to that conclusion, I was gainfully employed and getting paid? Now, all I faced was uncertainty.

Also, a part of me was holding in every bit of assholeishness™ towards my soon-to-be ex managers. I really wanted to let my true voice be heard, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my work experiences in this world it’s not to burn any bridges. That’s not to say I haven’t planted the C-4 at the critical load bearing structural points of said bridges, just waiting to go down in a flame of revenge.

All of what I said above is merely back-story and filler, not really too important. More just venting, really. I may or may not go out and find one of those “job” things we’re supposed to have. But in the meantime I’m collecting unemployment and will be typing out my thoughts on all things shred, sneakers, highdea, cinema, fruit snacks, music, fitteds, fast food, sports, oil paintings, geological, politics, Price Is Right, Illuminati, internet, gambling, booze, party, health, wood shop & errthang in between.

Had this happened in April or May I would have had to off myself, as I am not a fan of summer or my balls stretching so far from the heat that I accidentally sit on them. but seeing as it happened now, and winter is around the corner, I welcome this situation with open arms. I can’t see myself not capitalizing on the ability to play snowboards as often as possible and maybe even hitting up the casinos and putting a squaw or two through college with my loses. Well, maybe not college as I am no baller like that, but I’ll def be able to cover the costs of her books and Trapper Keepers & Lisa Frank accessories or whatever is in nowadays.

I was already here, albeit briefly before, and life intervened and I had no clue how to balance being awesome on the internet and chasing a career I didn’t really want. So, as I type this, eagerly awaiting the snow season’s true arrival, listening to the 80′s Pop station on Pandora and wondering what I’ll want to devour once I get lifted higher than the moon later tonight, know that I am excited for being back here. And maybe my boss was right…this is what’s best for me. Thanks.


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  1. a says:

    hey I’m about to try getting unemployment monies for the first time ever (strange, considering I’ve been unemployed hellza)

    I will come here for tips’n'tricks.

    you will provide them.

    also where is the main guy?

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