2013-3: Going Out to the Races

You can feel it in the air around here. The way it hasn’t significantly snowed in 2 weeks. The way the forecast is calling for some rain this weekend. The way it’s the middle of January and 40 degrees. Fuck it, it must be banked slalom time.

So you skipped the A-rob Smashlife Banked Slalom and you didn’t make the cut for the Mt Baker Banked? It’s cool, you can ride the Legendary Tyrol Basin Focus Boardshop in Madison Banked Slalom.

That’s right, this weekend, all of us Midwestern oldsters can prove our worth and push our chairlift to on-snow time to 8:1. Certainly, there will be some gear for the winners, but these aren’t the class of people I run with. I’m more with the side bets and slugging beer at the starting line crew. Shit is gonna get raw. Well, at least old man raw.

Anyway here’s the promo poster for it: 

 Which might look like something you’ve seen before, because you know, fuck a designer.

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