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One night in Seattle

Friday, April 15th, 2011

After a rather interesting travel day I landed in Seattle last night. From the Aeropuerto I hopped aboard the light rail, silent

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A-man to pick me in a blue VW bug. HILARIOUS. And we’re going to border run in that thing. With snowboards? With snowboards and gear? With snowboards and gear and 48 tall boys of Coors Light?

Then we go out in this Capital Hill neighborhood last night, and fuck is this place gritty. generic cialis once a day viagra patient assistance

It’s like that when I was sixteen and went into the bathroom at First Ave for the first time. I was shook. I had no clue such places existed. But here, there is like a three block stretch like that.

We grabbed some dinner then made our way down to an art show that was blobviously photos of grunge rockers. Typical. But it was rad then we walked back to Alex’s jawn.

Now it’s time for the border run. Next time I’ll be coming

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to you live from somewhere in Canada. I might even have pics.

The Weekend That Won’t End

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

I did some time traveling this weekend. That is to say it was like those college days. Except this time I didn’t wake up with my head in a pizza box and hand in my pants. But it got shaky for a while. Needless to say I’m back to living upright now.

We’re going to start with the fact that this morning I was told I look like this dude:

NO WAY DUDE. NO WAY. You can go back to eating your Jimmy Johns sandwhich. Last time I had one of those was the last time I was in college. I never checked the ingredient list, but it seems that they may have put some poop on it. Chip says feces is their secret ingedient. Gross.

But really guy, I’m not looking like that poster. When was the last time you saw me riding sans hood? Maybe that Dub Jacket in 96? Maybe that same Dub Jacket in 2000? That thing had like 5000 name hits on it. Unstoppable. I was trying japan airs off spines that one winter, wearing that hoodless beast.

And those gloves over the coat? When was the last time you saw me riding with gloves ove the coat? Maybe those Burton Universe gloves in 96? Maybe those same Burton Universe gloves in 2000? That things had like 2 name hits on ‘em. Unstoppable. I was trying japan airs off spines that one winter, wearing those gauntletted bitches.

Otherwise that’s picture is spot on.

Article 2

I’ve been listening to

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Flashlight, the extended version, like it was 96 and I wearing a hoodless Dub jacket with Universe gloves and just discovered Jorge Clinton. But I think we all now that when you turn this ipod on it goes directly to Devo “Uncontrollable Urge.”

Section 3 seat 9

New paint on the Team Rumorator bike. That shit wins races.


Quints Paste

Whistler: 16 days


Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Yesterday morning I found a note I left for myself that read, “Make a Keisha Knight-Pulliam reference.”

I’m straight baffled.

Then today I find this:


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the e-nets from Rumorator von Rumorstein on Vimeo.

This pretty much makes my brain hurt, and not just because it’s sideways.

My shin is chewed the balls up from biking poorly the other night.

And still nothing is making sense. Help me cope.

22 days until Whistler.

Sushi ushi ushi

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Currently discussing haircut boobs.

Also, this is fucking awesome:

Late Breakers on a Tuesday

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Imma build a muthafuckin’ igloo. Hunt some whales. Some walrus. tadalafil dissolution Bring down the mighty narwhal. Gotta lamp that will burn for 8 nights and forty days. tadalafil from india This is no miracle. Just a tall boy of blubber oil. This is the Yukon. Say it with me “Yellowknife.” And the legend of the shitknife.

You gotta be ready for this kind of cold. Siberian online pharmacy cialis taiga sans Tigers. I run this wilderness. This wildness. This bile and piss.

$34 and a bus pass is nothing in the tundra. You ain’t passing. Whilst you sleep I sildenafil tadalafil root through your rucksack, taking your math who sell viagra book, fruit by pharmacy degree programs online the foot, and a Lootpack mix tape. This is survivalism. Send you on your way with some carcass jerky, wrapped

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in fox pelt, held closed with porcupine quills. Somewhere between Jean Baribault and Sigard Olson you’ll find me. French-Canadian style with a lisp and pistol gripped bloggie. A million miles on the dog sled. Yeah, Iditarod. Pulled by a team of sled dogs, pulled by a team of musk oxen, pulled by the spirit of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Settle in for some Aurora Borealis.

The High Balls are on Me!

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

I’ve been out for a few days, sitting shiva for the loss of Peligro. As a dog he only gets four days, but none the less he deserves the honor.

In case you missed it on twitter, I’ll go over some of the highlights in the life of Peligro:

  • He voted for Obama. Twice.
  • He once mated with cheetah. Then forced the cheetah to get an abortion, fearing his offspring would pretty much be the pinnacle of life on earth.
  • He was the first dog to sail around the world, solo.
  • Kanye had him on speed dial.
  • He smoked Old Golds.
  • He never believed that shit about Han shooting first.
  • Once spent a weekend in the Chelsea Hotel with Laika, 17 hookers and a Humboldt squid.
  • He was the inspiration for every episode of  the X files, and turned down a writing credit on  A River Runs Through It.
  • He never forgave Terje for the “timid pup” deck
  • He was trained with a rape whistle.

I can’t say it enough,  I miss you buddy.


So we’re gonna start today off with this gem from EndZedder A. Love:

Park Rubbing from torstein horgmo on Vimeo.

You hearing that re-re-remix? Slickter, for shore.
That Wiig kid isn’t bad.

I’ve been seeing some art:

This where justice was born:

And this is where justice was fed as a small child

Sorry about the glare.

This is what Noah’s ark looked like:

A gorilla, a wolf, a tiger, a vulture coming out of a man’s cock region. Ancient flood histories for one thousand.


When Shaun White Talks the Internet Listens

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

In case you missed it, CNN dropped

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this pile of warm caca on the masses last night:

And damn if the internet blow up.

Yobeat, always on point, came out with their critique last night. It was great! Pretty much the funniest thing written on the internet in like 3 days.

Then the heavy hitters picked it up too. Boardistan got involved and even quoted that hilarious Yobeat article. And our homeboys over in Europe, Onboard Mag, had something to say as well. I was hoping they could pick up something deeper, more nuanced, in that strange accent the narrator had, but in the end, they too differed to the Yobeat piece.

I can’t really see Transworld picking up on this story because it’s not a press relase or paid content. As I said before, this whole thing was pure crap, but it’s the closest thing the snowboarding world has to “news.” And Transworld doesn’t concern themselves with such matters.

The main thing here is that whoever wrote that critique should probably get some kind of award presented by models in bikinis or something.

Bloggie on the Bloggie

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

I got the the old

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