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2013-13: It’s All Replaceable

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

There is no feeling quite as bizarre as boarding a flight with nothing but the clothes you’re wearing, a loaner backpack and an empty water bottle. And the only reason I had those two things was so I didn’t feel totally creepy. Moreso I felt embarrassed, hopeless and alone, but I still got on the plane.

I had to. I had no other choice, as some dickhead, Riverwester decided to smash in my window and steal all my luggage, a few hours before I was supposed to head to Denver for SIA. The good news is I made it. I landed, grabbed some replacement socks, underwears, tees, and kept on bopping. What else can a man do? It was better

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to be pist and surrounded by free beer and rad people, than to be pist at home, alone on the couch.

And I did get free beer, and I did meet good people, and I did see rad things.

The Free Beer:

Shout out to everyone who helped ease my pain. Ezra at C3, and thus the Nose, kept me moving for a few hours. Dale and the people at flow had a few cans for me, as did the Rome guys. Keith, Lauren and the Burton crew fed me beer and liquor. Several times too. Which was great!

The Burton crew was also rad enough to toss me a couple tees to wear. Thanks for that, gentlemen.

Also, a tip of the hat to Adidas for bringing in coffee guys who kept me going before beer time every day.

The Rad People:

I was a bit distracted this year, I’m not gonna lie. I was dealing with insurance from 1200 miles away and trying to figure out what I lost and what I still had. In fact I’m still finding new things I’ve lost on the daily. But it’s all replaceable. That has pretty much become my mantra.

Anyway, the Yobeat crew. Those dudes are pushing it so hard. It’s an honor to get to hang with them and see what they are doing with that little website. I’m pretty lucky Brooke thinks I’m funny enough to prop up.

Nick Green is back in the Midwest, where he belongs, repping the

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crap out of Skullcandy. Lauren O from Burton is a friggin’ peach and so very helpful. I actually got to spend a fair amount of time talking with Ezra from C3 and that dude has some history. Super interesting to hang with him for a minute.

I also met Steve from Bird’s Eye in Brooklyn. I like that guy. He cares about the scene and seems like a rad guy. I would recommend conversation with Steve to other conversationalists. And you can even buy things from his shop.

Then I met this dude:

Jesse is all around solid. I felt bad for busting out on him so quickly, but I’m pretty sure I’ll speak with him again. There are some goofy images of the two of us running around on instergramps. Thanks to his lady for making that the love connection happen. Plus, he said he read this blog. That’s also a good ego stroker.

Burritos was in the house, but we all know that.

Old enets compatriots, James and Caitlyn were in the place as well. Fuck, those two are good people. It seems that James has something happening over on Shradtastic, so you might want to check that out. Another old enetster, Jgriffs, is now a Denver local and made sure the nights were super rad. THANKS, J GRIFFS!

Then of course there was Dale Rehberg, Chanelle Sladics, Dave Downing and Chad Otterstrom, who gave me some time. But we’ll get more into that later.

The Things That Were Seen:

This is the woman I call Boss (Bonus: Nose sighting).

Oh hey, Adidas is making boots as well as coffee. They look good as well.

It’s good to know Awesome will be safe for another season.

This Endeavor board was pretty much the best looking thing at the show.

Understairs Jesus with a couple broads named Jenny.

This coat is almost better than getting a tattoo of tattoo gun drawing a tattoo of a tattoo gun.

I apologize for the crappy images, my phone was all I had. Probably should have made them all 3D.

Speaking of things I didn’t have.

Here’s the list of what was lost

  • 1 MacBook Air
  • 1 160gb iPod Classic
  • 1 iPad 2 16gig and cover
  • 1 Rode Podcaster mic
  • 1 Rode Podcaster shockmount
  • 1 Audio Technica AT2020 mic
  • 1 Nikon Coolpix p7000
  • 1 Sony Bloggie
  • 1 Dental mouthguard
  • 1 pair prescription Gucci glasses
  • 1 pair prescription Ray Ban Square Wayfarer sunglasses
  • 2 mic stands
  • 1 Burton Riders Bag
  • 1 Burton Focus Pack
  • 1 Gravis Sidearm pack
  • 1 North Face Recon pack
  • 1 pair Benny Gold Gold Standard denims
  • 1 Pair B Son pants
  • 1 Benny Gold button-up shirt
  • 1 Stussy Toronto sweatshirt
  • 3 pairs Huf Plantlife socks
  • 4 Hanes Perfect Fit tees
  • 1 Upper Playground Shinagist tee
  • 1 Upper Playground UP zip-up sweatshirt
  • 1 Aculpulco Gold Jodie Foster tee
  • 1 Uniqlo flannel
  • 2 J Crew button-ups
  • 4 pairs of underwear
  • 1 pair Ariel 7 Phoenix Headphones
  • 1 LL Bean monogrammed personal organizer
  • 1 Gorilla Grip Tripod
  • 1 Coal Mason bamboo and cashmere


  • 1 Sigg 32oz water bottle
  • 1 Obey Scarf
  • 4 8gb memory cards

Again, fuck Riverwest and whoever heisted all my gear.

Be well, and remember that it is all replaceable.

2012-18 Pancake Day

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Hi there.
Good to see you’re still alive.

Kind of an odd ball weekend over here on my end. And that’s what we are going to talk about today, The Weekender. Today’s bloggums is brought to you in three parts.

Part 1th, in which I, Greg from rumorator dot com, discuss Spirithoods and spirit animals.

Part 2st. In which I, Greg from rumorator dot com, discuss going to DJ shows and the awkwardness of meeting kinda famous people.

And Part 3nd. In which I, Greg from rumorator dot com, talk about the beatification of a friend in the days leading up to the Cafflick Lenten celebrations.


I spent a large portion of the weekend running around Milwaukee, filming a product review for Yobeat. We were testing out Spirithoods. It should be a pretty rad little video when we get all the footage together. We was stacking mad footy, yo!

But it got me thinking about spirit animals again. This is not really new to me. I know flawsyfiles and I have discussed the hackery of claiming the wolf or the bear. And to go wayer backer, there was the flight home from Aruba, during which the Dominican and I blasted for like 4 hours about the rhinoceros as a pretty badass spirit beast. Nature’s firefighters and all.

Anyway, since we can’t all be wolves or bears or sharks. I’ve compiled a quick

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guide to choosing a spirit beast. Dig it:


Wolf (this guys already owns it), Bear, Eagles, Tiger, Lion, Gazelle, Jaguar, Leopard. Pretty much any large cat is right out.

Get on it:

Kangaroo, Tasmanian Devil, Tapir, Camel, Badger, Any monitor lizard

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that has been released into the wild by a shitty owner, Goat or Beaver.


The pine marten

So get it together, pick a beast and live the shit outta that lifestyle.


I went to see A-trak (Canadian) make music with records and nobs and computers this weekend. It was good. I was in a situation in which I was introduced to Latrell Sprewell. He said, “Who are you?” And I said “I’m Greg, from rumorator dot com.” And he said “I’m Latrell.”

And then the confusions sets in. Do I say “Nice to meet you Latrell. It was Latrell, right?” I mean, does that just piss the dude off? He was an NBA supa-star and mega-Milwaukee dude. Of course I know who he is.

Or do I say “Oh, I know who you are. It’s nice to meet you.” Then does he assume I am making some reference to his past.

I think I said,

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“Yes yes, good to meet you.”

What a fool I made of myself


The beatification of the Goose

English Lessons

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


It happens every so often that snowboarding (the media, the industry, or even the act itself) tries to convince us that there is something going on in the UK. I’m pretty sure the powers that be over there are were thinking, “well I guess it’s time to make another run at this snowboarding game.” I mean it must kill them to think snowboarding is just one more thing the Scandinavians are better than them at doing. Add it to the list:

• Exploration without wiping out autochthonous culture.
• Fjords
• Fjolklore
• Automobile manufacturing
• Church burning
• And now snowboarding too

They’ve tried quite hard to convince us UK shredding was real. They have magazines about it. They have Matt Barr. And it only makes sense. In the grand “Keep Snowboarding Rich and White” theme, OF COURSE the UKers would be involved somehow. Those MFers know racism and classism. You would

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know this if ever listened to an album from the Streets, or watched Precious: A movie based on the novel Push, by Sapphire. Stay focused on the shred though. To me, the only rider out of the UK with staying power has been Jenny Jones.

Then I did a little research and found out she is only #3 in the realm of UK shredlegends. I was looking down the list, not recognizing any names until I came to The Real Jenny Jones. I was thinking, “Who the fuck could possibly be bigger?” Part of me was convinced they were going to claim Terry Hawkenson as their own.

Instead I’m confronted by Steve Bailey in #2. I remember that dude. On the Division 23 team. Blasting monster shifties and rocking chain wallets and maybe white dreads if I remember correctly. Oh shit, that was Steve Blakely. I was way off. I have no clue who #2 nor #1 is.

But this latest push is crazy. They send over Jamie Nicholls to win some rail jam in Tokyo. This dude was raised on dry slopes. He’s never actually been on real snow. I imagine he was like the tour guide I in had in Hawaii asking what snow was like—“Can your animals go outside in it?” It must have blown his mind to have to wear a jacket and snow specific pants. WHAT ARE THESE THINGS I AM SLIPPING OVER MY HANDS? GLUVS? Then again, he probably just associated it with Japan. That place is wacky.

Really though, the kid rips.


Fun fact: Jamie Nicholls is represented by Octagon. I wonder if the people at Octagon feel cheated whenever they see the previews for the ABC show Revenge. I like the idea of Octagon-ers thinking, “Those MFers just heisted our “8 as G” motif. And they’re using a serif font as well.”

To make matters worse that show looks like a crap hybrid of The Fugitive and Desperate Housewives. Blah blah blah strong female lead. Whatever. It supposedly takes place in the Hamptons, but there is a serious lack of talk about the hard luck that has fallen on the fishermen. No talk about how they can’t sell no stripers. No luck in swordfishing out there.

Small business Saturday. At first I was not backing this at all. Some fucking corporate propagated do-gooderism-autofellatio. But then I found out my local shop, MODA3, was involved. I still think it’s corporate crap, but if there is a way I can take advantage of it, I’m going to. It works like this.

1. Register your American Express card. Just do it. They know everything you spend money on already, so why not take advantage of this little perk.
2. Buy a new tee-shirt or beanie or whatever it is you’re aching for, but spend $25 and toss a little money at one of the raddest shred and streetwear shops in the Midwest. Fuck it, they might be the raddest. PERIOD!
3. Get a $25 credit from Amex. SNAPPED! Free t-shirt or beanie or 420kit or just $25 off those killer Stussy vests.

Still corpo to fuckall, but at least you can support a good shop. So whatever I guess.


Friday, October 7th, 2011


Murakami was robbed. I’m calling preferential Scanner treatments. Dynamite prize could have gone to the man who gave us this:

Instead we get this this dude:


You see online pharmacy cialis how that worked:

So yeah, Steve Jobs. Johnny Apple himself. Tough break for sure. The guy totally knew how to cialis generic uk market the fuck outta something. But let’s not forget how exclusive and proprietary Apple has been. And the measure of the man is something to be discussed. Billy Gates drops millions of dollars all around the world trying to solve problems and is still a nerd-monster. Johnny Apple, cuts all philanthropic giving by Apple, pretty much redefined planned obsolescence, and gets treated as a online pharmacy overnight delivery god.

Did he do a lot to make computers easier to use? Yes. Did his company dominate the media-delivery landscape over the past decade? Yes. But he was a capitalist, that was his goal.

People keep saying that he will go down in the books next to Ford and Edison. But, please remember that Henry Ford pretty much found his workers expendable and Edison was a patent thief.

Shayve’s Honestly box: I’m typing this on viagra pill a Mac at my office. My home is run by a MacBook, MacBook Pro, a Mac Mini and a G tower. I prefer the Mac Platform. They are great computers. Jobs had some sildenafil online amazing insight. In the end he has given me nothing, but he has sold me a lot of things.

Wrap it up:

This year’s snowboardering costume:


Voter Depression. Or, Sheep!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Hey it’s that time of year. Time to squawk the vote. I‘m not talking about politics, this is not nearly as important. But just like politics, and Dancing With the Stars, it doesn’t really matter how you vote, the lame-os tend to win and your shit gets fucked anyway.

So with that, you should probably get over to the Shepherd Express and vote for the best of Milwaukee.

Start your voting off with:

C’mon. Fucking For Real? Best place to pick up your shit rag print medium. I guarantee every one voting for this category picks the BP station on Bluemound in Brookfield. Lame-ass suburbanites. They pick up the old ShepEx to see what people in the city are doing, and to feel edgy. CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY HAVE A COMIC CALLED “LIFE IN HELL.” WE CALL IT “LIFE IN HECK” IN MY HOUSE. The only people who even pick up this paper in the city are those looking to do a crossword puzzle while they opt to get truckhoused alone at Red Dot. I know this.

Whatever establishment wins this category, I will drop by that joint every week and piss all over their stacks of shepex papers.

It’s like the USA Today and Legends of Rock magazine had a child on a local level.

Lets move on:

What funny is 4 seasons is a skateboard park. For skateboardering, and I guess theoretically, rollerblading with your mom. The rest of those going are for ice skating. Genius. Shitbags.

Keep it going


My boys at MODA3, have got some stiff competition: JCPenny, Jos A. Banks, Urban Outfitters. This is great list as I’ve been looking for some new Union Bay jean shorts. I’m also pretty well surprised Kohl’s isn’t on the list. That’s where 90% of this city goes to get their khakis for casual Fridays or weddings, depending on your place in the caste.

Don’t stop

A Master’s in Geography

You do realize UW-Madison and Northwestern are not in Milwaukee. And Kaplan and University of Phoenix are not real schools, right? And Carroll College is in republican Waukesha so that’s not really an option. Which leaves

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you with 4 of the original nine. Granted they are 4 legit schools, it doesn’t make it okay for the ShepEx to pump out hackwork.

Services Rendered

This pages is the best. I hope the ShepEx has soft hands for all the dick rubbing they are doing with these categories.

Honestly no one, NO ONE, has a favorite internet provider, cell phone provider, or lawyer. What people have is the one they are stuck with. They have they got hooked up with when they were 19 and living outta the dorms for the first time, or when the one with the coolest phone at the time their last contract was up, or they had to call when the police wanted to search their house because they had a basement of weed. But all are willing to take your money. At least the lawyer provides some sort of legit service.

I think it’s pretty clear who pays the bills at the ShepEx.


Here’s a little something brighten your day:

So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish.

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Well it’s rapture day weekend folks. Or so says some lunatic who decoded the bible. Frankly, I’m not buying it until we see a mass exodus of Dolphins.

What? You think that’s ridiculous?

Consider it, dear reader, you may choose to follow the bible. I choose to follow The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy.

Who are you going to trust:

It seems to me that James is onto something.

Anyway, it’s just different books.

As for the Book of Mormon; well there are some reasons fan fiction is not always recognized by Lucasfilms LTD.

Moving On

Saw this in the hood the other day.

That shit street legal.

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T-tops. Blacked out rims. Full-sized 80s antenna. Sheeeeeit. STREET LEGAL. I sent this pic to Prof. Diehl and here was his reply

Dear Rumorator,
That aint no ’77. That aint no 6.6l, modded, bored and floored to put out 235bhp. You aint bringing back the banquet beer with that thing. You’d be better off putting a KITT steering wheel in it and hoping for some shine from the germans. Take your ass home.

Yours in christ,
Prof. Diehl

ps. You left your mattress here when you moved out, asshole.

So apparently that whip isn’t so rad.

Part trace: Art Critique

I also found this while slinking around the neighborhood.

This is the basis of a really great piece here. But what it’s lacking is the force, aggression, or ominous feeling of a true graffito. First off, I would drop the “too.” It softensit and makes it seem like the artist is pleading with the oppressors. We are not pleading because they are not listening. At this point we need to be threatening. The next thing I would do is change “it’s” to This is.” Beef up the language a bit. Get some cajones. Look ‘em in the eye and say “So this is it? We’re gonna pull ‘em out and measure ‘em now?” And be ready to flop it out. But it’s a great start by the artist

Sidenote: Start saving your bottles and bricks.

Quads: Must not sleep. Must warn others.

Tonight I’m going to see Aesop Rock In Madison. I’ve been waiting for ten long years to see this show. Since the original Who Killed the Robots tour in ought one. Get with it.

I’ll catch you bitches on the flip side of rapture, when the only ladies left will be the sleazies. There will be fornicating in streets! I also have full intentions of looting up a new dirt jumper.


Friday, April 1st, 2011

The winter batch of trivia wrapped up last night. It was a somber end. We asked the 60 questions, tossed some high fives, some daps, took some cash and splitzvilled that joint. We had no other choice. The Lord of Rings pinball machine in that place is busted to fuckall. I’m half surprised the ball never blasts right through the glass.

So co-host and I were talking to some other guys who have played a bit of pinball in their day. And everyone is telling us two things: ArtBar is has a sweet Indiana Jones game and Thurmon’s has Batman.

Here’s the thing: I don’t go deep enough into Riverwest to hit ArtBar. So it seemed like Thurman’s was a good choice. But everyone keep saying things to us like, “Oh yeah, they have pinball in the back, where people go to smoke herb. You guys get high?” or “Oh yeah, Thurman’s. There will probably be a couple of guys smoking weed on the pinball machines.”

So we head over to Thurmon’s. Walking in we are greeted by a huge mural of Jerry Garcia. This is my first clue that this place isn’t named after Buffalo Bills’ superstar running back Thurman Thomas. We made our way to the back of the bar where the Batman machine was. And what the fuck do you know? There are two dudes smoking grass back there. Shit. The whole place smelled like that sweater I used to wear in college.

We didn’t stick around.

Instead we made our way to Landmark and ran the circuit.

Shayboarder’s Rumorator’s Honesty Box: Nightmare on Elmstreet pinball is garbage barge. A functioning Lord of the Rings game is top notch. Batman and Indiana Jones are somewhere in the top 5 as well.

Part 2:

NWBROWHETHER is claiming he’d do nothing but ride u-tubes, if there where was one in all of Warshington State. Go tell him what you think here.

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Part 3:

Whistler is only 14 days away.

Awards Season

Monday, March 14th, 2011

First Period: International Affairs

Alright Readership, here we go. I was informed by 1/5 of youthat I need to get back to writing about snowboards or bikes or at least something funny, or I am going to lose my readers. The other four of them.

The fact of the matter is this has been a pretty crapchunk season for snowboarding.

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I’ve been bizzed, cialis and viagra mix not getting out as much as I want and the weather has been garbage barge. Luckily I will be sneaking out to Whistler to catch “The Show” portion of the Telus Festival. And since I’m going solo, if anyone wants to meet up and toss down a couple turns or beers let me know. I need friends.

Second Period: History

Incase you missed that, I’m taking this show international. And yet I still get no high fives on the local. Is cool though. This thing never set out to be a Milwaukee blog. The origins of this entire rag was to blast shit about a core group of guys who all lived on the same wing in our dorm.

Somehow it got out of hand, people decided to read it and it’s given me an excuse to have more fun. It also gave me cialis no prescription an excuse to have some stickers cialis-no-presciption-rx made. In fact it’s almost like I’ve got a street team. Check out this action from the cialis-no-presciption-rx Socal track racer man.

Shit gets raced. I’m like the USofA with the army racecar, except I’m still backing women’s reproductive rights. HUZZAH!

3rd Period: Social Studies

As I was saying, I’m not really looking to be some Milwaukee blogger. But this is some serious hackory: Check out the Shepard Express (print publication, old media) Best of Milwaukee Web Awards.

Scroll through the list and take note of the serious lack of Rumorator nods. I’m like Marty Scorsese, before The Departed, over here. I guess if I was going to knock off something Japanese for the cred at home, now would be the time.

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And dig on this one:

Really I shouldn’t be so offended. Because if you look at the options for best art blog The first option is Art City, which is pretty much in direct competition to the Shepard Express. For real, the Shep Ex is suppose to be our alterative weekly, loaded with stuff to put you in the know. And who do they nominate for best Art Blog in the city? Not themselves. This would be like el rumorator just talking about how rad Shayboarder is. Fucking genius work.

4th Period: Government

At the risk of losing all my readers, you gotta see this:

It’s from Mr. PhilGarlic’s FlickrStream

It’s also worth checking out this one, from Dane 101.

That’s a lot of pissed off people, Scotty. Beware.

The NewSSR #4

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

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Sooooooopah Bowl

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Well at least we’ve got Weezy on our side.

I’m about one Packers song away from tossing myself off the Hoan Bridge.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the Packers and all that, but just stop. There can be only one Super Bowl Shuffle. There can be only one Ickey Shuffle. There can be only one Highlander. So, Go Pack go! But packer’s fans please just slow it down a bit.


We got 27 seconds on the lakefront, from yesterday to deal with. Turn those speakers up to hear this wind whip.

lakefront from Rumorator von Rumorstein on Vimeo.

So here’s my gripe

The city tickets you for being parked in certain zones, which is fair enough. But the understanding is that citizens cannot park in these snow zones because the city is going to plow them.And this system is failing

This is how it goes down in Milwaukee. My friend, Cocaine Melissa, gets a text message that says it’s a snow emergency, so she has a few hours to move her car before the ticketing starts. BUT there are viagra cost per pill no repurcussions on the side of the city. They have as long as they want to get those streets plowed. And if they don’t get to them before the snow emergency ends, you as a citizen just have to deal with unplowed streets. I feel that if the city can’t deliver plowed streets with a certain time, let’s say 24 hours from declaring the snow emergency, the tickets issued for sildenafil black box warning that street should be voided.

I was driving through the city this morning and the snow zones were empty, people were strutting down to the emergency lots in -15 wind chills, and still the streets didn’t get plowed out. I’m not sure if their excuse is manpower or machines or what, but we’ve got 20% unemployment going on in this city, and it’s pushing 50% among black males. And yet we don’t have the workforce to clear some streets and sidewalks?

C’mon broders, A cialis side effects forum state of emergency was declared, funds should have been released. We need to get that money into the hands of people willing to shovel snow for a day. Pay ‘em $10/hour and I promise, you would have people working all day, streets how much does cialis cost without insurance would be looking good, and you know most of that money would be back into the economy within days, if not minutes. Added stimulus bonus.

Moral of the bloggery: Plow the fucking streets if you’re going to ticket on them.

Full disclosure: I have not been parking ticketed within the last two weeks.