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2012-70: The Lobsterpot Goes to Hollywood, or Actually, A Little Piece of Me Did Die There

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Those of you who have been around me long enough knows I am a fucking egotist willing to pull dick out for no particular reason spent a a couple years in the Americorps program. If you really want to hear about it, all you have to know that it was the shittiest, most stressful, amazingly awesome, time in my life which I would trade for nothing. It’s where the lobsterpot idea first started. It where I meet some of the greatest friends I have, and actually learned how to be somewhat normal.

Anyone who has been on an Acorps team can tell you, that you end up in some crazed places. Planting trees in North Carolina and living in an old farm house that was 50 minutes from anything. Honestly. ‘Merica gets desolate and scary at times. So I was super stoked to see that this is finally getting a proper release:


It seems that the dude behind it, Bradley Sullivan, is based in Wisconsin. I gotta meet him. If only to swap Acorps stories. But I definitely want to talk to him about this flick. C’mon, horror flicks and national service together. I’m gonna watch the crap out

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of this.

For real, Bradley Sullivan, talk to me.