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2013-1: Back to Life

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

The 9000 pound rhinoceros in the chatroom:
Let’s just deal with this before we go on.

A-man rode this. That legal weeding MFer, splittered up as far he could go, then boot packed the rest. When he got to the top, he rode a snowboard back down. Holy shit, right? He’s just like, “Swot I do.”

Let me tell you this: A-man is legend in my house. LEGEND. You thought his split adventures and rope skipping were the end of it. Nope. Dude destroyed the Supernatural event with double-helichopters. He comes back next season, kills us with a quarter-helichopter, and somehow it’s progress. Then, he gets back on the splitter and does this.

In my mother’s house they just hung a portrait of A-man over the dining room table. Full fucking aureola. But then again, they were never very good cafflicks.

What else is news?
All the news that is news revolves around little sleep, fewer showers and a lot of standing in the snow. The office was shuttered between the winter solstice and New Year’s Day, so I spent as much time as possible riding on snowboards. It was fun. Early on I felt old, then I felt young and spry, then after like 5 days in row, my body felt old again. But that could be because I chose not to bother with things like sleep or healthy living.

There is also the issue of this thing:

Man, I’ve been riding on snowboards for a couple of decades now. And I’ve been suckered into some real-deal snake oils. Leashes, low backs, chain wallets (time is still gonna tell on this one) and Forum Snowboards, just to name a few. So when saw this NXTZ gear come up, I was thinking, “Well that’s cute.”

But I wanted to support it. American made products, good styles and fuck it, Dale is behind it. I was 75% on board. Then, Yobeat did one up with those fucking cats and I was sold.

Broder, I don’t even like cats, but that was just too good. Here’s another thing: Brooke made me pay for that shit, so I wasn’t even about to be Swayboardered. But you know, backing Yobeat, backing NXTZ, backing Dale’s vision for the brand, I can only dream of all my purchases being so considered.

This thing is ridiculously warm. It’s to the point now that I don’t want to ride without it. I guess I never really noticed how much cold air was blowing through my neck hole, but I do now when I’m necktubeless.

Plus, it’s enabled me to run a lot less gear and stay warm. Often this year, I’ve been out in vests and light coats with the necktube. And that’s not like running vests and light coats in Tahoe or Mammoth, shit is cold here. This is Wisconsin. We ride trash heaps and fake snow.

The Necktube works, go get one here, or get the Yobeat catz version here. They’re warm and your supporting some rad people in the game.

J-Pop America Fun Time Now
After I was old and all snowboarded out, I made the trip to Chicago to spend New Years Eve with C-blast, Metal Joe, and Xine.

Xine was recently run down by a car, but she was still able to hobble around with us. Anyway for as long as I have known Xine, she has been talking about the Xine family New Years party and how I really need to go. A decade later I’m there.

Holy fuck, how did I ever miss this? There were like 100 people there, all family and close friends. And the food. Tables and tables and tables of pickled vegetables, sushi, sashimi, Japanese soups and deserts and it was all so good.

But that was only half of it. Her family is the family you wish you had—all so friendly, intelligent, rad and super welcoming. It was pretty much the best New Year’s Day I’ve ever had. Tip of the hat to this lady:

That’s all I got. I hope you’re all still alive.

The State of Snowboarding episode 17

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Around here the snow is long gone and all I’ve been smelling for the past few days is bike grease and mud. Seasons change, deal with it. I’ve got to figure out a way to lock Bloggie (Bey, buddy!) on the handle bars and take him for a few spins this year.

But before we get ahead of ourselves we should hit on some things:

First off, The Dirty Jerz just passed a law requiring kids under the age of 18 to wear helmets while snowboarding. I’m down for this. Snowboarding in NJ is hard, not difficult, but like concrete hard. It’s like Wisconsin but with more people out there riding. So you combine a greater number of people on the slopes with icy-as-balls hills and your going to end up with some brains rattling. So this should help. They won’t prevent every injury, but they will prevent a few. And in the case of head injuries this is a good thing. I also like that it’s for minors, once your over 18, do what you want. It’s like motorcyclism.

However, I would like to see a decent and affordable helmet program established. Snowboarding is expensive, and the last thing we need is to too keep people out because they can’t afford the $80 (or way more) piece of equipment that is required by law. This isn’t the leash law thing where you take the shoe lace out of your Vans, tie it around you ankle and show the liftie you have  a leash. This is a serious piece of equipment with significant price.

Perhaps there needs to be a decent helmet rental program with that will actually show kids the proper way to wear a helmet. Nothing is worse that seeing some kid with an ill-fitting helmet and no skills, heading mach 5,straight for some other kid wearing an ill-fitter, who’s sitting down, eating snow, thinking about legos.

Helmets on concrete snow can be good, but we need to teach kids to use them and they need to be affordable. We should also explain to them that the more flair your helmet has the more it probably sucks. Also tell them Shaun White ruined snowboarding.

Also note: Super Republican governor adding more regulations. How does that work?


Hey, what’s up Dale!

Dale Rehberg talks about No More Signature ProModels from BuoLoco on Vimeo.

I don’t really have a clue what Buoloco asked him, but I like that he just calls it as he sees it. The pro-model game has been dead for a few years. Want proof? When was the last time you saw a Jeremy Jones (Momo JJ, not Deeper Jeremy Jones) promodel in the wild? It was probably a Forum.

The ironic thing is, I’ve always regretted not owning this line up of ride promodels:

I mean except for Circe’s. I was always more of a Jennie Waara fan.

Also, I took that picture directly from Jake Blauvelt’s blog.