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2013-6: Hey, I’ve Been There

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Part !:
This is now out there:

Maybe you don’t like the raps. Maybe you think dude number one looks too much like J Casanova. Maybe you’re still stuck in that 1987 mentality and thinking, “I don’t think this stuff is for real.”

Whatever, get over it. These guys have been shuffling around Milwaukee for a while, so it was cool to see them get up here. (I have no clue how MTV Hive works. Perhaps anyone can just post up shit, and it’s all just user generated. I hope it’s a bit more selective than that. If you do know the ins and outs of the MTV Hive, please do not tell me. the less I

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Also, Check out that mean shopping scene with rapper

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#2. I know that place. I hang out in that place.

Nice product placement by the guys at MODA3. It’s the most legit shop around. if you’re ever in Milwaukee, you need to check it out.

Peaced out for the weekend. Sleeping outside and riding snowboards in a speed suit. Catch

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you MFers on Monday.


Word Around Town

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Word around town is that this is really, finally, no fucking using viagra to last longer lies, SNOWAPALOOZA! For the next few days, if you can bear the cold, it’s time to break out those Charlie Slashers, the Party Sharks,

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the Lolos, the Fishes.
I would tell you to break out your Notch, but no one buys Rome decks anymore.
Shit, I’ve seen more Hooger Boogers than Romes this season.

Word around town is that The Dirtbag adcirca tadalafil Crew is gonna be slaying urban rails.
Forget it gents. File under highly unlikely. All discount viagra canada those rails is gonna be tadalafil tablets in pakistan buried. That’s what this blizzard is dumping on us. Sell your marlboros and car insurance. The elderly are gonna be fucked.

Word around town is that Jesus built this rapper: