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2012-67: Fuck, I need to Dump GoDaddy

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Before we get started, you should cruise on over to and get Tamper. Disable. Destroy. For free. It’ll be downloaded by the time you get down reading this crap. It’s good. I promise. I’m not always a liar.

Reader: Rumorator, What the fuck you been up to?

Rumorator: Housework, word work, staring at my green beans being a total pussy.

Reader: Fucking LAAAME. Imma go read the entries over on Fried Rats.

For real though, let’s talk about some shit. Let’s talk about the fact I now own a ladder, and have done things like “cleaned rain gutters” and “removed fence posts.” Shit, it was just the other day I said to my boss, “Boss, I think I’m done spending the big money for a while.” Then he laughed and laughed.

I’m also looking at having two mega-trees removed because I think they’re dying. And because they’re evergreens. Evergreens are the trashy broads of the tree game. They’re easy to get your hands on, they don’t really let anything else grow up around them, they’re constantly dropping needles, and once a year we invite them into our homes, dress them up and toss them out after the family has left. HEY-O. Jokes.

You know who is way better at telling jokes? Kyle Kinane. That dude was in Madison telling jokes and killing crowds all weekend. I guess he sold out every show he did, so that’s fucking rad for him. He also had fellow bearded man, Dave Stone with him. He was a very funny man as well. And I apologize for not remembering the MC’s name (Edit: Jessie Baltes), but he was really good, though he only had a moustache.

There was an outside chance of bikesterism with Kinane this weekend, but it wasn’t meant to be. Nonetheless, I rode bikes solo. I guess you could say I’m a lone wolf. A tiger, stalking through Siberian woods. I am the sperm whale of weekend biking—out there solo, large, white, head full of spermaceti, just wrecking shit when I breach—mmmmmmrrrrrrrrmmmmmmSPLASH.

I was riding at Cam-rock, A place I had been avoiding because I was afraid it was more xc-ski trails than bike trails. But I was way wrong. It’s only 8 miles of trails, but it’s certainly enough to keep you busy for a couple hours. Tons of places to get the bike off the ground, if only for a few feets, and then there’s some of this shit:

C’mon señor? You’re really just going put that there and be all like “DO IT.” Fuck it, I had to do a couple walkovers.

Fair warning: Cam-Rock is in GlassedEye country. Trust no one.

You ready to time travel?

Last weekend, I decided to take the fixer out for a spin. I was gonna pop off an easy 14 miles and had my turn around point set up. The thing is, I fucking hate out and back routes. So I got to my turn around point and decided to run the full lake loop. 23 miles lets do it. Who needs water?

Not the smartest thing I have every done. The Lake Mendota lake loop is so poorly marked, it’s under construction, and for part of it, it’s mega-cluttered by University students.

It was miserable.

I think we need to go back, even further in time:



Fuck it. Just walk.

This is our Wisconsin: Day 9

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Day 9 Blog, Day 6 Pic

First off, I have to apologize to anyone who came to my blog expecting to read something about snowboards or bikes or something cooler—both of you are going to be bored out of you mind for the next few days. But some things are bigger than fucking around.

I am vehemently pro-labor, pro-choice, pro-freedom from religion, pro-peace, pro-equal rights and equal opportunities, and pro-Wisconsin. I feel that if corporations cannot share the wealth, why should workers share the burden? I am progressive to the end.

The past week has been long. And while I haven’t been able to stand with our working brothers and sisters enough, I will do what I can from my computer to keep this issue top-of-mind and tell everyone I can “This fight is not over. This is what solidarity can look like.”

On the other hand, if you’ve come here to read my rants, you are in for some wild success!

Let’s Keep Going

We cannot let this issue die. We need to have hundred and thousands of people in action daily. If you aren’t out there walking, there are things you can be doing. Call your senators. Call any senator. If you are out of state and reading this, and you support protecting the rights and livelihood of state workers, please take a minute and do this:

Call Senator Mark Miller 608.266.9170
Tell him you support the workers and the Wisconsin 14, who have taken extreme measures to stall this bill.

Keep it civil. State your point and never back down. Always be asking the opposition whyit’s wrong for workers to prosper. We celebrate corporations when they have banner profit quarters, why not celebrate people same way. If the opposition claims workers are stealing their money. Remind them that if our country wasn’t pouring billions into the pockets of private contractors, and taking in less on account of tax breaks for the rich, we would have more than enough money to support all state employees. If the opposition complains about the amount the public sector earns, remind them that if they organize they can earn more as well. I can help you find an organizer. Please contact me: rvr (at) rumorator (dot) com

How We Can Win

This is going to be a prolonged fight. And eventually it will be time for more radical actions. If the teachers were to go on strike, they could shut down a majority of the state in days. Students would have to stay home. Parents would be burdened and possibly miss work. Offices would have more absences, there would be a severe, statewide, work slowdown. And frankly with that kind of environment Scott Walker and his crew aren’t going to be able to bring in any significant business. It seems that negotiations might a good option.

And what if we were to bring in the state workers. Snow not getting plowed, sewers not maintained, city processes halting. It wouldn’t take long before the general public would see the value of these employees.

I understand that this will put great financial stress on the families of many teachers and workers. But with the risk comes the reward. We must all fight together. We can keep this great state moving forward.

What We Need

Apart from commitment of workers, which we have, we need more national attention. Part of what makes Wisconsin great is that we keep moving along and barely anyone notices. However, right now this is our biggest weakness. We need more people here. We need more attention. We need to be grabbing news coverage.

This story is about to be buried by the NZ earthquake and what is going in Libya. Those events are tragic and important, but we cannot let this get lost. We need to be a top news story on every station, we need to be on the front page of the BBC, we need let people know what is going on. And to do that we need support.

Where is the national Democratic party. Where are there speakers? BERNIE SANDERS WHERE ARE YOU? We have Jessie Jackson, and I am thankful for him but we need more. Where are the speakers. Where is the Screen Actors Guild? Why have you sent no one to come address out crowds. Throw us a celebrity bone

Jello Biafra, here is your fucking chance man. Get out of SF or wherever you are, get yourself over here, get the punks involved. I want to see Mohawks, walking with teachers and police officers, hand in hand because we need this. Make a difference again.

We’ve got some musicians there. Wayne Kraemer and Tom Morello are here to stand up for what they’ve always believed in. I know Justin Vernon is heading down, why isn’t he bringing the band. Marijuana Deathsquads and Solid Gold, have you guys left already? Make some music, encourage the people. It seems Dropkick Murphys are going to show up soon. Which again gives them quite a bit of clout. They will be here, supporting the people who they so often sing about.

Lastly, where are the rappers? The people that helped hone my skills in spoting oppression and injustice.

El-P—Whose America? You said this to me a million time through speakers. At First Ave in the weeks following the 9-11 attacks, you maintained your progressive stance, and it was an inspiration to me. Why are you going to let me down now?

Mr. Lif—This is your chance to revisit I, Phantom and make an impact. Or you can be a shell

The Coup—Boots Riley, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU NOT HERE? This is your scene. We are workers. Are we not your people?

Please come to Wisconsin. Help us spread the good word. Because the more people know about what is happening here. The more power we have to stop it.

Believe me, these cats aren’t reading this blog, but wouldn’t it be rad if this reached them? If we could connect with them? If they could connect us to others around the planet?

I encourage anyone who has something to say to stand up and say it. But if you can’t say it when it matters most, you can’t say anything at all.