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2012-17: Lisptrack #7: The Winter That Wasn’t and Dog Stories

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

2-15-12 by Rumorator

I said strive, I should have said

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Friday, October 7th, 2011


Murakami was robbed. I’m calling preferential Scanner treatments. Dynamite prize could have gone to the man who gave us this:

Instead we get this this dude:


You see online pharmacy cialis how that worked:

So yeah, Steve Jobs. Johnny Apple himself. Tough break for sure. The guy totally knew how to cialis generic uk market the fuck outta something. But let’s not forget how exclusive and proprietary Apple has been. And the measure of the man is something to be discussed. Billy Gates drops millions of dollars all around the world trying to solve problems and is still a nerd-monster. Johnny Apple, cuts all philanthropic giving by Apple, pretty much redefined planned obsolescence, and gets treated as a online pharmacy overnight delivery god.

Did he do a lot to make computers easier to use? Yes. Did his company dominate the media-delivery landscape over the past decade? Yes. But he was a capitalist, that was his goal.

People keep saying that he will go down in the books next to Ford and Edison. But, please remember that Henry Ford pretty much found his workers expendable and Edison was a patent thief.

Shayve’s Honestly box: I’m typing this on viagra pill a Mac at my office. My home is run by a MacBook, MacBook Pro, a Mac Mini and a G tower. I prefer the Mac Platform. They are great computers. Jobs had some sildenafil online amazing insight. In the end he has given me nothing, but he has sold me a lot of things.

Wrap it up:

This year’s snowboardering costume:


Hump Day Dump Day

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

It seems there was snowfall from Tahoe to Whistler last night. This is a plus. We’ll be on snowboardering soon enough. But for now, let’s get right into it.

1th: Social Media

I’ll back this twitter bullshit ‘til the end. I mean until it gets replaced by something cooler. But you cannot beat the instant access to people.

Por Ejemplo: Ali Milner, Canadian songstress extraordinaire, also second greatest Canadian with that hair color, behind Neko Case, even though Neko was born a USAer. The other night on Cover Me Canada, Ali was having her way with a Crash Test Dummies song. Well, 2/3 of a CTDs song.

So I used the tweets:


2rd Netwerk TV

The Playboy Club got cancelled. Even never having watched the show I can tell you, this doesn’t surprise me.
Who’s next?

3nd Konichiwa, Bitchez.

Ps. Book Trailers are fucking sick.

4st Bloggerman and Bloggermama action day

I’ve been informed it’s time for the bloggoramasphere’s annual autoeroticism fest. I got the email Check it:

A couple of problems. Firth, their acronym is B-A-D, which kind of S-U-C-K-S D-O-N-G. Secord, They never tell us bloggers when to start stroking.

5 Correction

Murakami book trailers are fucking sick.

Can. Not. Wait.

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

This shit better be good.

Then they need

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