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Get Sprung

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Ahhh it seems Spring has returned. Again. And with that returns Schlitz Trivia at the Red Dot. Of course that means the super team is back together.

About a year ago I compiled a team of the world’s deadliest assassins most average dorks—@keith_lipski, @the_boss_of_you, @larsma and @gmachotka— for a trivia team

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with unmatched trivial knowledge. I was like the Malcolm McLaren of pub trivia teams. Chances are Greg Machotka will be the Sid Vicious. Of course we dominated. This year we are back to defend our title. It all begins tonight. Now we only need to come up with a solid name.

Here are some options for tonight:

  • She Swore It Was Razor Burn.
  • So Then the Black Dude Dragging a Pick Yells “We ain’t found shit.”
  • Ex-girlfriend Crazy or Like Navajo Blanket Crazy.
  • The Aldo Leopold National Deforestation Area.
  • Like You Never Smoked Weed Out of a Sunkist Can?
  • The Women of Brewster Place.
  • Pooh’s Honey Stash.
  • My Porno Name is Comstock Load.
  • I Like the Way Lot’s Wife Shakes.
  • This Kind of Filth Doesn’t Just Wash Off.

In other news:

If you’re a denim head you’re probably well aware of Context, the denim store in Madison, WI. Well it seem like those dudes Sam, Ben and Ryan laced up a pretty slick collab. Nudie Jeans Regular Alf + Context. I understand not everyone is into denims, but if you are these are a great piece to have. I’m on one pair of RRDS pushing 4 years, and they are my go-to pants. You’ll never regret these jeans Besides look at this hang tag:

There are only like 4 things radder than that.

Get above the grit.