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2013-4: Meta-analysis part 1

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Section A :
Big changes going on over on the Rumorator twitter account. Yes, MFers this is news. Okay, maybe not news, but certainly it cannot be less important than Mercedes-Benz making a boring-ass ad with Rob Kingwell.

People be all like, “Oh, wolfism. Real original.” But you know what? Fuck’em. Everything has been done and the hackery is in the details. Three-wolf shirts? Over. But Jack London and White Fang. That scat is still as fresh as it was in 1906. We’re on the trail of something bigger here. WolfDog for sure.

It’s about the apex-predatory alliance. Dudes in India are faced with this this everyday: Do I want to be the Tiger, the most feared and elusive beast on the planet? Or do I want to be a Hanuman Langur? Shackled and made to do the bidding of the human hand that feeds me. If dude lived underwater, is he gonna want to be a mollusk? Or Orcinus Orca?

Apex predatory envy.

Man, I once had a dream I faked my own death to get a mamajama to pay attention to me and Micheal Ian Black had the role of fraudulent funeral director. Leading lady was played by Emily Z, who I knew from cafflick church in my youth. She was still rocking that eye patch she had to wear for a few weeks in second grade, too. And see, that put a lot of people off Emily Z. But last time I saw her, like a decade plus ago, she was Wisconsin-cute.

That is Apex predatoryism. Time isn’t even an issue. Even in my sleep. White Faang.

Part two:
I caught this little video over on Todd Richards’ shill site. And it is good.

One Run – Austin Smith from Nitro Snowboards on Vimeo.

That dude can ride snowboards well, and in an appealing manner.

Dropping some potential industry knowledge on you.

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Brace yourself:

Nitro Snowboards just changed up their whole US repping game. And in just above Shaystyle TWBiz (that bastion action sports…nay all journalism) printed a press release as a story. MFin’ Kailee Bradstreet must be stoked to get the byline on this whip. I imagine her year end bonus just got mega-er. Anyway, here’s the press release:

Nitro Snowboards Now Under The Foundry

kailee bradstreet


Technica Group USA, the distributor of Nitro Snowboards, boots and outerwear, announced a new agreement today with Foundry Distribution for the sales and marketing of Nitro products:

“Nitro USA division of Tecnica Group USA is the distributor for Nitro Snowboards, Boots and Outerwear, Raiden bindings and L1 clothing.

Effective January 1, 2010, Foundry Dist. will assume responsibility for the field sales and marketing activities of the brands.  Tecnica Group USA will continue to provide the administrative services for the brand.

The Foundry Distribution crew has been active in the snowboard business for more than 25 years.  This new, national sales effort will focus on the knowledge Foundry has of the Nitro product line and the best positioning of the brand within the snow sports dealers for snowboards and accessories.  Commenting on the new arrangement, Foundry partner, Tonino Copene said, “This is a huge opportunity for us to be more committed to the snowboard community and the retailers who support Nitro in the US market.”

Announcements about changes in territorial representation will be made by Foundry Distribution by the January 1, 2010 start date.
For more information please contact Josh Roberts or Tonino Copene at Foundry Distribution, (877) 506-1169.

About Nitro Snowboard Co.
Since it’s launch in the winter of 1990, Nitro has been committed to snowboarding for over 20 years. From our Team to every piece of gear we make snowboarding is our 100% focus. Our goal has always been to progress snowboarding with products that are innovative in technology,
design, and materials. No hype- just proven performance and a history of innovation that speaks for itself. The first asymmetrical twin-tip, progressive sidecuts, and the first three-piece adjustable binding just to name a few. With a Team consisting of Eero Ettala, Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Jon Kooley, Markus Keller and Cheryl Maas our passion for snowboarding will remain true and in good hands for years to come.
About L1 Outerwear
We are purely focused on making gear that is inspired from the streets and taking it to the snow. We are premium fits, premium fabrics and an unrelenting attention to detail. We are signature collections by the most influential riders on snow. We will always believe style wins over tech. We are Jon Kooley, Jordan Mendenhall, Nima Jalali, Will Tuddenham, Ben Bilocq, Anton Gunnarsson, Joe Mertes, Knut Eliassen. We are L1.”

 You can read it here too


The real story here isn’t that some ski company owns Nitro, but that their distribution is switching to “the Foundry.” Word on the street is that the Foundry is pretty much Milosport of Utah. Seriously, el Foundry is made up of Nitro team manager Tonino Copene (nitro team manager), Josh Roberts and some dude named Cal from Milosport. The plan is to get Nitro back into the spotlight in the US. To do that it seems like getting boards into as many shops as possible might be a good idea.

 Now the question is, “Why is a local shop going to want to call up Milosport (Home of the $1 below MSRP and free shipping, sticking it to the local shops), who happens to be a direct competetitor and say ’Hey nemesis, I need to order a dump of boards, and while you are at it please fuck my ass in multiple ways this year.” Smells like crack to me.

 All that said, it probably doesn’t really matter, except to the nitro reps who may need to start updating those resumes. The last Nitro board I rode was in like ‘95 and had this weird Wolverine knock-off character on the base. It was slow as fuck. I’m talking worse then Liberace Technologies slow. I always assumed it was my boy, The Crystal Falcon, that was slow. Nope, it was the board.

 Since then I have seen zero Nitro decks in the midwest. Not that the midwest is a shred hotbed, but apart from that I have seen five nitro boards since ‘95. Four were in the roof rack of the Nitro team Nissan Rougue outside a grocery store that had a shit selection of yogurt in South Lake, and one was on Hoon’s blog.

 I wish my blog was funnier today.

 Although that Kailee Bradstreet shit was proper.