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2012-40: The Quick Hits Sammy

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

White Bread:

We’re gonna start off with some music, because much like bread music is the foundation for everything. It keeps us all together. Especially the raps music, right?

Crunchy Peanut Butter:

This car was parked outside of my office. I’m pretty sure this is not an Apple licensed product. I’m also pretty sure this was a DIY project. Probably found in the tech issue of Real Simple magazine. Right next to the instructions on how to make your own Oddities Museum*.


I copped this from Boardistan. It’s pretty rad. He said it was the best way you could spend 12 minutes. He might be right. Plus, it’s that dude from Oasis so moefaniel is gonna be stoked.

Marshmallow Fluff:

Could this be the Amberlamps? Because I don’t think it’s a real ambulance. I will support my buy sildenafil citrate online argument with these points

A: Civilian Plates.
2: Given the prefix “Para-“ can mean “closely related” or “almost,” and it’s paired with “tech,” we are looking at an, “almost practical application of knowledge in a particular area.” That sounds safe.
BRNZ: “…help is on the way.” No MFer. By the time someone can read that, help has already been there. Also, that ellipsis? What is being omitted?
Fin: That is the shittiest Caduceus ever.

Another Slice of White Bread Because This Aint Open Faced:

The Packers are a sprots team. They play the sprot of football americano. This dude is mega-star on the team and here we have a quick clip of his kickflippery. It’s pretty clear that at some point in his life #52 has been on a deck, but now he’s awkward on one and that’s somewhat funny. You know what’s even funnier than that? Right at the :06 mark you can see he really, REALLY wants to skate it Mongo.

And a online pharmacy provigil Bag of Chips:

Can we just stop now with all the Tupac’s Hologram jokes? That took less than a week to turn generic daily cialis to shit.

*Please look forward to the Real Simple article on making your own Oddities Museum later this week.