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When Shaun White Talks the Internet Listens

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

In case you missed it, CNN dropped

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this pile of warm caca on the masses last night:

And damn if the internet blow up.

Yobeat, always on point, came out with their critique last night. It was great! Pretty much the funniest thing written on the internet in like 3 days.

Then the heavy hitters picked it up too. Boardistan got involved and even quoted that hilarious Yobeat article. And our homeboys over in Europe, Onboard Mag, had something to say as well. I was hoping they could pick up something deeper, more nuanced, in that strange accent the narrator had, but in the end, they too differed to the Yobeat piece.

I can’t really see Transworld picking up on this story because it’s not a press relase or paid content. As I said before, this whole thing was pure crap, but it’s the closest thing the snowboarding world has to “news.” And Transworld doesn’t concern themselves with such matters.

The main thing here is that whoever wrote that critique should probably get some kind of award presented by models in bikinis or something.

Are we still riding for Kevin?

Friday, October 15th, 2010

The correct answer is “Yep!”

I’m just going to post this up because I lifted it from Onboard.

So much going on for this kid. I can’t even explain how hyped I am on KP lately. Watch the video.

Part Sequel:

It’s Wiener’s Dad’s birthday. He’s a bloggerman, a wicked nice guy and likes things that deal with snowboards. Anyway Happy Birthday Nose.

And he’s got this Palin-esque picture up on his blawg right now.

Whoa. Things are not looking good for my spirit beast. Actually I think my spirit beast is a cheetah. Or maybe Kelly Clark.

edit: is not a wolf. Disregard my Palin-esque comment. I believe Broder vR’s spirit beast to be a coyote.