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2013-5: Randomly Canadian

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

There will come a time in your life when stochasticity is gonna hit, and you’re going to realize how unready you are for the world. I’m in that zone right now. Waiting for the other shoe to fall. Waiting for the hammer to drop. Waiting by the phone. Waiting for you to call me up and tell me I’m not alone.

Element 1: What’s Right With This Picture?
Dig this, last night, I was laying in bed reading some annual reports, as I do. I checked my twitter trough and this comes up:

Now, you’re looking at this thinking, “Brother, something is not right here. The lyrics say “our home AND native land.”

And that is fact, but you know what? The Idle No More movement is something. First Nations, First People, whatever term you want to use, show some respect to people who have been shit upon for 500 plus. We know enough about history

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to know they gotta raw deal. It’s time to make amends. Watch how this shakes out in Canada and compare that to how it’s looking for the Bad River Tribe in Wisconsin. [sarcasm]I can’t wait to see the state government mine the shit out of the piece of land they were forced on to [/sarcasm].

I gotta stay out of the political. The real significance of that image is who is wearing that shirt.

Element 2: Fuck a RAV4
I’m in a loaner RAV4 currently, while the Tacomer is getting fixed. For the last few months I’ve been on this “Fuck a RAV4” bend. I had no real merit except that I didn’t like them. THE GAME HAS CHANGED NOW MFers. But still, Fuck a RAV4. I got in it this morning and just start poking at what I assume is the stereo. This damn thing isn’t even outfitted with Bluetooth to stream the hot shit (podcasts) straight from my phone. Who are the Neanderthals buying these cars? I’m surprised it even has a steering wheel.

Finally, I connect with a preset and this gets dropped on me:

8:25AM and some station in Madison is bumping quota-pop from like 2Grand. Shit. Those are some advertising dollars being lost. I turned it up.

Element 3: STREAMED
This one popped up in my stream:

Trip Furtado, Bitchezz. You can’t

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2x bonus for Minneapolis rock.