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2012-33: The Larry Bird of 2012 posts

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Coming straight outta French Lick because we got some shit to cope with today.


I’ve been going on for the past couple of days about how skateboarding is still the raddest game in town and blah blah blah. And FlawsyFiles has been doing nothing to quell this feeling as of late. But then this happened


And suddenly I know where I belong—at home, pantsless, catching up on Game of Thrones or some shit.

UPDATE: 20 minutes after this clip was released, 12-year old Tom Schaar just melted into a globule of Red Bull, like a sugar-water Senator Robert Kelly.


Little Andy Troubles was back in action. I’m gonna bag on his music until the end (or until I like it) but you cannot deny the dude is 100% ripper. He’s still smooth with a shred stick under his feet, and really there aren’t that many people who can still look good while riding with Nico.

More Snowboarding Videos

Terms or phrases I’ve used to describe Nico’s riding: Sick, Sicc, ten-point-oh on the sichter scale, smooth, so smooth, fuck your mother, like a fat man on a hover-round, untouchable, Steezy P. Martini, rad, radder, the chronicles of radderist, amazing, amazering, kalangalangalang, almond joy, cuando es mi nalgas, You know that feeling you have the morning after the first time you get really hammered after you’ve turned 25 and you essentially just shit liquid at like 40 miles per hour, like a sprinting sasquatch, the uncanny valley, and cocoa butter.

UPDATE: Dude is stylish too. I’m liking that coat he’s running, but I still prefer his Marjorie, the trash heap, neck piece.


I hope these come in size 42 and with elastic waistbands. Because I can’t see even remotely fit people wearing these.

Apparently you can get them here.

Here’s an idea: if you’re going to sit down to eat your food anyway, why not just rest your plate on the ground, or on your picnic blanket. I do have to admit that this idea of food and plates at a picnic is pretty slick. Every picnic I’ve been on has only consisted of a bottle of water, a pack of Marlboro Blacks and a bag of mushrooms. And I never called it a “picnic.” I called it “blowing my fucking mind in a field outside of Washburn, Wisconsin.” I guess for efficiency of language purposes I can start using the term “picnic.”

UPDATE: I could see the Japanese and Southerners really getting down with these.

Adieu hiver, la neige au revoir

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Well, that about wraps it up for Winter here in Wisconsin. We’ve got a forecast putting us in the 40-50s all week with rain coming down and the snow just going away. Soon enough we’ll be putting away the shrad decks and pulling out skateboards. Flipping the Quelque Chose for the Ephemere, with maybe just a stop over at La Fin du Monde. Getting back on the bikes and such.

But first, we’ve got at least one more weekend to make it through before we can call winter deaded.

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Devil’s Head Resort has it’s annual Picnic In the Park coming up thanks to the Red Bull ButterCup and a host of other sponsors through The Empire Collective. Sounds like there will be a pretty big crew up there, so if you like slush boarding and drinking your beer out of tall cans I suggest you get yourself to Devils Head for the weekend.

Also in relatively rad news, it seems Joey Sexton is going to be in the house hyping up his new Stepchild deck, so that’s a plus. A moment of truth right here: I’m a fucking Joe Sexton fan-boy. No doubt the guy is like a million years younger than me and he’s from Minnesota but still you cannot doubt his radness. I once took a photo of him during the Vans Cup at Tahoe. End of story. Granted this won’t be as big as the time Hadar walked into the party I was at, not that she talked to me but whatever, it’ll be a good time. Maybe I’ll give you a sticker if you come talk to me. I’ll be the one in the hover-round.

And just to calm everyone’s nerves, I suspect there’s only a 50% chance of a chairlift malfunction this weekend. But who really uses those lifts anyway?

I also got some serious shrad time in this past weekend. In Wisconsin we don’t get much in the way of Powder days so we’re really just waiting for the slush-slashing to start. And it was on in full force this weekend. Nothing better than landing and hearing that “SPLOOSH” sound. Not that my board ever leaves the snow.

But what had me really stokering-out was the kids getting their shrad on out there. It was just two years ago that my homey Nate showed up to the Tyrol Basin Spring Jam in a proper suit and some young snowthugs were busting on him. KNOW YOUR ROOTS, KIDS. Hetzel, Duckboy, all the old-time shreds rocked a suit when it was appropriate. And like 15years later kids are already missing it. Thinking about how hard they gotta look because the shrad is no joke. Whatever kid. Snowboarding is redumbulous. Fuck around with it. ANYWAY I saw one dude ripping in a sport coat and another coming with a heavy perv under his trench coat. I’ve got mega respect for those kids.

I think I have all my gear for next year figured out.

All Fucked Up, Buttercup

Monday, January 25th, 2010


I fucked up the Dos! blog. So now we got this rolling right here. No more typing that silly word, “intarweblog” that seemed like such a great idea in the beginning. Anyway I’m gonna spend sometime trying to get this thing sorted.

Apart from that I need to hype up the Red Bull Buttercup coming up at Devil’s Head (Home of the price hike and chairlift rollback!)

I wasn’t thinking too much of the event at first, but then I was perving about on the internet, whilst considering

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just dropping all this blog shit and jumping in the lake, and I came across this from some rad ass kids out at Loon Mountain

Buttercup at Loon from Skylar Brent on Vimeo.

Leave it to Red Bull to toss down another contest that looks like it’s going to be the most fun since before AIDS. Also those Loon Mountain kids are pretty good, you should check out all their shit.

Next let’s keep talking about snowboarding: Look at these chompers:

Lastly, I had this pointed out to me today: