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2012-78: These Dudes

Thursday, November 8th, 2012


This is rad. There tadalafil raynaud’s phenomenon is something that makes me pretty happy about hearing Drew Christopherson’s voice. He’s still got the midwest humblism in him, talmbout how the band had tadalafil bioavailability to get their shit together because they didn’t even have photos and they cialis 100mg manufacturers were heading out on tour. Then, BOOM, wild success took over. free online pharmacy classes Like those dudes haven’t been grinding since the get go. So stoked on them.

Granted, I say this having not really seen Drew, save for in passing, for well over a decade. But that dude is still there.

Whatever, if you’re not stoked on Polica yet, you’re not even alive.


Ski-company ripper part 1: Canadian

Just keep working it, making it all sorts of buy viagra usa radder. You can’t possibly get better than this, right?


Ski-company ripper part 2: French Canadian

Well, fuck pharmacy online it. Ski company has such a strong rail team right now. I could watch this all day. Those tunes are cheap generic viagra okay too.


Got that new body kit for the Silver Spurt. You dig?

2012-12: Meanwhile, Back at the Office

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

1th-PhotodumpThis was our rental ride. Kind of excessive. And we kind of abused it, but it was a pretty cush ride. Mega-global warming going on here. It cost me $17 to drive from Frisco to DIA. It also reminded me how much XM radio sucks asses.

Mandatory picture of the window licking bear at the convention center. I’m actually kind of a fan of this piece of art. It’s neat.

This is my boss getting down with a SpiritHood that we are supposed to be product testing. In case you couldn’t tell we are in the Anon booth. They have some ridiculous M1 goggles coming out next year. Magenetic snap-in/snap-out lens changery. I’m curious about how hard I will have to fall to bust them loose.

This is probably my favorite Capita board for next year, although the entire fucking line is sick. Always is, to be honest. How you gonna go wrong with a woman with fangs and a pentagram on her head. Feels like a winner to me. I was all stoked

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to ride one on Monday, January 30th when Bloggerman, WWD, told me No media rides. Then, hours later, this floats through my twitter trough: REJECTED!

This was the saddest lunch ever.

Boss lady again. Tired, frustrated and hiding out. But hey, cheap cialis TRice is now riding for hOme watches!

I was at the Shag Lounge in downtown Denver, and I saw this Schlitz piece, so I ordered a Tall Boy of Schlitz. I was told they didn’t have it. WTF?

Everyone’s favorite brand: TheHundred

Then later in the evening when you hit up a friend regarding your location and this is the reply, you gotta call bullshitz. FACTS: We were in Denver, bru, in January, it was like 3 in the morning. And

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that is some summer, viagra online pharmacy morning lighting if I’ve ever seen it. You can’t just drop these on someone and pretend they’re real-time. Up the game, friend.

This is dude is a radder. Non-stopper. As for that bandaner, that was on a stripper moments before this pic was taken. novolog flexpen canadian pharmacy It was also not appreciated by the Banditos Motorcycle Club, who were also in the place.

This is where the trip went soft for me. In Boulder, touring a fake tea factory. This was tea bag dress is in the main lobby and nearly the highlight of the tour, until Tali started laughing at the “Teabagging Station. ” To be fair you need to picture the ridiculous Celestial Seasonings bear just dangling his balls over the Morning Thunder buffalison. Plop tadalafil generic cialis plop!

I did eventually go snowboarding. I was riding Salomon boards the whole time because I was cockblocked at Capita. I always forget how fucking fast and snappy their boards are. Their new bindings were kind of okay. Plus, I could ride their boards switch, I guess that counts for some reason. Here’s what I liked #1 The Man’s Board: Because it had juggs on it #2 The pharmacy rx one Salomonder: Because it had hardwood basketball court graphixxx #3 the Villian: Probably a better ride than the Salomonder, but the graphixxx weren’t as rad.I’m just going to assume that the person who produces these stickers doesn’t have a super mega-energy drink contract.

El Dia De Los Muertos

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Chapter 1: WINTAR

Seriously, where is this shit? Both coasts are getting hit. First it was the Tahoesies and Cololame-os getting some, and then UMS became CMS in a wicked blast of winter weather. SHOUT OUT TO NAT V!

Where the shit is my wintar weather?

Maybe this is for the best. I still need to find some boots. Actually, I don’t even need to find boots I just need to get them or something. Salomon Fdueceduece, where you at?

On the other hand, I got the winter ride ready to go. Just need to pop on the studded tires and fenders. But this did happen over the weekend:

I don’t even know where those GT toestraps came from. Clay Davis says “Sheeeeeeit.” Just a pile of parts, all stripped off.

But now, $100 in, I’ve got this:

Clearly, I still need to peel off some stickers and all, but it’s pretty much theft-deterred right now. I say that but someday I’ll come to find my radio missing and battery gone. Ahhh…not really.

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I’ve got indoor bike parking at home and at the office. This is just how Madison rolls. How are you not going to have indoor bike parking?

Seriously, I don’t even lock that shit up. Just lean it against the rack. It’s like Micheal Moore’s Canada up here. Plus we can carry guns now, so there’s that.

In other news I have no trivia on Tuesday nights anymore, so that has me

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lost. I’m lost-aez bru.

capítulo uno: papá

Twas poppa vRs birthday on the 26th. I missed it. I’m a horrible son. So Imma let him buy me dinner tonight to make up for it.

פרק אחד

Also, it was halloween. The greatest thing I saw, apart from Murs making raps, was a panda, sans head, getting real raw with a slutty nurse on the dance floor (street, as the concert was outside). I should also note the slutty nurse was wearing the missing panda head. It was fucking amazing. I want to go back in time, take acid and watch it all over again. Of course if the was the case I would also go back in time and stop freshman-in-college Rumorator from getting down with like 4 of the first 5 girls I got down with. Just pull him aside and let him know, “It gets better, kid. Your gonna stop wearing those Phish shirts soon, and watch what you’re drinking, you’re getting college fat.”

Dan Savage could have had an “It gets better” campaign for me regarding the women I surrounded myself with. Shudder.

I also would then say “Listen to this album with a candle burning and you’ll see your entire future,” just before handing past-me a copy of Dr. Octagon’s The Octogonecologyst.


Monday, October 17th, 2011

1rd: Why the devil should choose snowboarding for his work

If you’ve been hanging in my immediate sphere, you’re gonnaknow I’ve been knuckle deep in a Faith No More kick lately. And naturally that spilled over into some Mr Bungle action. In fact i was out riding the bike over the weekend and I had this running through my head the whole time:

AND recently I was scoping out some Salomon boots and shrad decks and I stumbled upon this sweet rig:

Which is some Mr. Bungle shit going on.

In all actuality I don’t know where this art originated, but this is some shit-piss appropriation. There is no way this concept ran through more that 3 people without one of them saying “Oh, that’s some Mr. Bungle back cover shit.” Because people know this. It lives deep in the human subconscious. Like the need for water or a Lucky Strikes period.

Then because it’s snowboarding, they fucked it. Granted the Salomonder is cropped much closer, but they still completely eliminated the devil. Perhaps this is strictly free ce pharmacy tech online

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a design issue, but I think it has a lot more to do with the pro-jesusness that is all over the snowboarding scene. Gross.

But yeah, Mr. Bungle. Righteous.

2rd: I bought a jump rope

I’ve been getting down with it. You know, double dutch.

3st: It was funny

Anna Faris was on SNL. I watched it. I laughed my ass off.

4rd Bikery

Shredded some bike trails this weekend. It was rad. Kept a healthy pace over 18 miles. Bike bike season is winding down. Got the winter bike in the basement waiting to get readied. I’ve got some wrenches to turn.

5rd Son of a bitch, They know me!