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So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish.

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Well it’s rapture day weekend folks. Or so says some lunatic who decoded the bible. Frankly, I’m not buying it until we see a mass exodus of Dolphins.

What? You think that’s ridiculous?

Consider it, dear reader, you may choose to follow the bible. I choose to follow The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy.

Who are you going to trust:

It seems to me that James is onto something.

Anyway, it’s just different books.

As for the Book of Mormon; well there are some reasons fan fiction is not always recognized by Lucasfilms LTD.

Moving On

Saw this in the hood the other day.

That shit street legal.

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T-tops. Blacked out rims. Full-sized 80s antenna. Sheeeeeit. STREET LEGAL. I sent this pic to Prof. Diehl and here was his reply

Dear Rumorator,
That aint no ’77. That aint no 6.6l, modded, bored and floored to put out 235bhp. You aint bringing back the banquet beer with that thing. You’d be better off putting a KITT steering wheel in it and hoping for some shine from the germans. Take your ass home.

Yours in christ,
Prof. Diehl

ps. You left your mattress here when you moved out, asshole.

So apparently that whip isn’t so rad.

Part trace: Art Critique

I also found this while slinking around the neighborhood.

This is the basis of a really great piece here. But what it’s lacking is the force, aggression, or ominous feeling of a true graffito. First off, I would drop the “too.” It softensit and makes it seem like the artist is pleading with the oppressors. We are not pleading because they are not listening. At this point we need to be threatening. The next thing I would do is change “it’s” to This is.” Beef up the language a bit. Get some cajones. Look ‘em in the eye and say “So this is it? We’re gonna pull ‘em out and measure ‘em now?” And be ready to flop it out. But it’s a great start by the artist

Sidenote: Start saving your bottles and bricks.

Quads: Must not sleep. Must warn others.

Tonight I’m going to see Aesop Rock In Madison. I’ve been waiting for ten long years to see this show. Since the original Who Killed the Robots tour in ought one. Get with it.

I’ll catch you bitches on the flip side of rapture, when the only ladies left will be the sleazies. There will be fornicating in streets! I also have full intentions of looting up a new dirt jumper.

The Hump Day Dump

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Wednesday, lets do this.

I finally pulled the trigger on what kind of doctor prescribes cialis some new Benny Gold’s. I grabbed the Gold Standard selvage denims. I actually got these bad boys last Friday and have been living in them ever since. They are good pants, made in the USA, 13.5 oz denim, comfy, all that. Plus look at that color.

Coming from 5 years of wearing Nudies viagra online reputable and APCs almost exclusively, these things are definitely a change, The legs have way more room and the rise is mega. at first I was a bit unsure of them, but they’ve quickly grown on me. Besides, not all of my pants need to that slim. my favorite feature of these pants is the pen pocket off the coin pocket. It’s a simple thing, but as someone who carries a pen 90 percent of the time, it’s great. I’m not a denim expert but I’m guessing these pants are coming from the same denim used in Agave jeans. They seem a touch too soft out of the box to be from the Cone factory. Again that is pure speculation. I used some social media mastery and asked Mr. Weiner himself where they were from but he just said they were made in the USA. Benny Gold is TRADE SECRETIVE.

At the online shop he recommends sizing down one size, which I have to echo to anyone. If you want them to be slimmer, go down two sizes. And speaking red bull and viagra of the online shop, he’s got them for 50 percent off right now. So go buy two pairs. If your local shop isn’t carrying these, be sure to grab them directly from the source. It puts more money in the pockets of the people who design and make the goods, not some online streetwear-exploitation warehouse. Support the people that support your interests.

One to the Next One

I first saw this video a couple months ago, then my buddy John from Seven Years Winter sent it out again the other day.

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

Be sure to take note of his uniform at 3:29.

I like his style.

And Then There Was This

My main sticker mama and all around rad lady Nat Vosko had her pottery show opening the other day. I gotta say, her pieces look good.

Congrats to Nat, and thanks to L-boogie for getting pics of it all.

While We’re Here

Dane101 and Phil Ejercito dropped this bomb from April 4th in Madison.

I’ve got so much new found respect for Jessie Jackson. The guy has spent more time in Madison over the past 2 months than most residents. Words cannot even explain it. But if this picture doesn’t have you thinking, then you need to re-examine your American dream.

And Lest We Not Forget

9 days until Whistler

Awards Season

Monday, March 14th, 2011

First Period: International Affairs

Alright Readership, here we go. I was informed by 1/5 of youthat I need to get back to writing about snowboards or bikes or at least something funny, or I am going to lose my readers. The other four of them.

The fact of the matter is this has been a pretty crapchunk season for snowboarding.

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I’ve been bizzed, cialis and viagra mix not getting out as much as I want and the weather has been garbage barge. Luckily I will be sneaking out to Whistler to catch “The Show” portion of the Telus Festival. And since I’m going solo, if anyone wants to meet up and toss down a couple turns or beers let me know. I need friends.

Second Period: History

Incase you missed that, I’m taking this show international. And yet I still get no high fives on the local. Is cool though. This thing never set out to be a Milwaukee blog. The origins of this entire rag was to blast shit about a core group of guys who all lived on the same wing in our dorm.

Somehow it got out of hand, people decided to read it and it’s given me an excuse to have more fun. It also gave me cialis no prescription an excuse to have some stickers cialis-no-presciption-rx made. In fact it’s almost like I’ve got a street team. Check out this action from the cialis-no-presciption-rx Socal track racer man.

Shit gets raced. I’m like the USofA with the army racecar, except I’m still backing women’s reproductive rights. HUZZAH!

3rd Period: Social Studies

As I was saying, I’m not really looking to be some Milwaukee blogger. But this is some serious hackory: Check out the Shepard Express (print publication, old media) Best of Milwaukee Web Awards.

Scroll through the list and take note of the serious lack of Rumorator nods. I’m like Marty Scorsese, before The Departed, over here. I guess if I was going to knock off something Japanese for the cred at home, now would be the time.

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And dig on this one:

Really I shouldn’t be so offended. Because if you look at the options for best art blog The first option is Art City, which is pretty much in direct competition to the Shepard Express. For real, the Shep Ex is suppose to be our alterative weekly, loaded with stuff to put you in the know. And who do they nominate for best Art Blog in the city? Not themselves. This would be like el rumorator just talking about how rad Shayboarder is. Fucking genius work.

4th Period: Government

At the risk of losing all my readers, you gotta see this:

It’s from Mr. PhilGarlic’s FlickrStream

It’s also worth checking out this one, from Dane 101.

That’s a lot of pissed off people, Scotty. Beware.

The NewSSR #4

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

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Fat Tuesday

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

A Report From The World

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Health Organization

I’m starting to believe Wisconsin’s Governor and official corporate pawn, Scooter Walker, may have planted rogue agents among the protesters. Agents to spread illness around. How do I know this? It’s because everyone who has been involved is ending up with Rally Hack. Frankly, my throat feels like shit.

Last night I was doing some at-home remedying/witchcraft and whatever came out of my nose and throat tasted like a farm. Believe it. I’ve been to farm. Shit was farmy.

Part 2.

Catholics fire up their Lenten studies tomorrow. And you’ll know who these cats are because they will either talk to you about what they are giving up for lent, or, for the ones who are way into it, they’ll have some ash rubbed on their faces. That’s some leftover pagan meets Apocalypse Now style for sure.

But yeah, it’s all about what they are giving up. Sometimes they’re like “I’m giving up pizza, or sodas, or doughnuts.” Pssht. Why don’t you try something a bit more demanding? Spend your 40 days and 40 nights not being such an asshole. Or “I’m going to try to stop nodding when I stare at the boobs of the girl who pours my cappuccinos.” Make some real sacrifices here cafflicks.

Forget it. A few years ago, I gave up listening to people talk about their silly Lenten give-ups. That was only a few years after I gave up their god. But if you’re still on that train, I’ve compiled a list of things you might want to consider giving up this Lenten season.

  • Spend forty days making sure there is left directional use with that left turn.
  • Quit telling me you zeach and tindy to be ironic.
  • Give up being smoke-free. ¡es hora de fumar!
  • Quit crying.
  • Stop oppressing.
  • Stop snitchin’.
  • Stop closing the door to bathroom stalls. Jesus bonus if you leave the door to the greater bathroom open as well.
  • Please stop playing that Mumford and Sons song.
  • Stop Facebook liking things that are impossible to like. You cannot honestly like punch cards, self check-outs, or one dollar bills.
  • Stop holding out girl.
  • Start stunting.
  • If you sit near me, you could consider trying to stop talking to me.
  • Stop the war on workers
  • Stop hiding, stop hiding, stop hiding your face.

You’ve got a few hours left before the no fun starts. Go rip it up.

The NewSSR #3:

Friday, March 4th, 2011

It seems even Democratic members of the House of Representatives are falling victim to the police state that is coming down from the Walker Regime.

Channel 12 caught some sweet video of Nick Milroy getting tackled

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by officers at the capitol.

I’m shocked it took as long as it did for the police to move the cameraman away.

I’ll be back in action this weekend, It sounds like it’s going to be the biggest one yet.

Scotty, you have crossed the wrong state.

Part 2

I just picked this up off my homey J Finkle’s facebook page:

So for all those who forgot why you can not call obama a fascist.

“We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers salaries and take away their right to strike.”
Adolf Hitler, May 2, 1933

That shit sounds familiar.

Two Weeks in Madison

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Thanks to Wisconsin Resistance Radio

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for making this piece and my friend Huggins for drawing my attention to it.

Forward 3-2-11

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Everyday I become prouder and prouder of the people of Wisconsin. Everyday they they push on. They push on without the president who promised he would be here with his comfy shoes. They push on without true media attention. They push on even though so many people are oblivious to the fight that they are waging. And everyday they fight this fight peacefully and with dignity.

I say “they” because I spend my days in an office. But everyday my heart is out there, circling our statehouse. Chants run through my head. And no matter how many times I hear “this is what democracy looks like,” I’m afraid it doesn’t reach enough of those state house offices.

I also know that I have never been a patriot, I have never embraced government, and I have wished I was somewhere other than America a million times. The irony of it all is there is nowhere that represents me as much as Wisconsin. I’ve left before and I’ll probably leave again but this is the place and these are the people that taught me how to be a part of society and that society was to always be moving forward.

So when I saw a sign like the one above it connects with me.  I love this place and I love the people of this state.  We are proud of who we are. We will not take the actions of our government without a struggle. Never stop fighting, Wisconsin.

WISCONSIN from @pawlmadethis on Vimeo.

The NewSSR #2

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

A few things

  • We still don’t have a train. But we are about to blow a few hundred million on the roads. Please take note that the people who will be building the roads will be the folks from the Operating Engineers. In Wisconsin that is local 139. They are a union, they didn’t seem to have much of a presence at the rallies as of late. It’s also important to note that the Local 139 PAC donated money to Walker’s campaign. I wonder if they regret it, being that their union will be screwed out existence with the rest of them.Let me give it to you this way. The Operating Engineers Local 139 PAC donated money to bring about their own elimination. Seems ridiculous doesn’t it? Well, that’s because union busting was not what Walker was elected on.
  • Walker’s budget includes a measure that removes the requirements that insurance providers have to cover birth control. You hear that ladies? Now your birth control, may or may not be covered, it’s going to be a crap shoot. But don’t worry Badger care still covers it. Right?Q:Can someone tell me how more unwanted children are going to reduce the deficit.
    A: You see unwanted children are more likely to go to horribly underfunded schools, which can’t really teach anything
    because the class sizes are huge and the resources are faded. In turn we can hope that this unwanted child will end up in a prison (Scotty gave the prison system a nice bump) in turn the private companies brought in to run the prisons will continue to fund Scott Walker. Walker then moves on and the deficit isn’t his problem anymore, so fuck it.
  • Scotty locked us out of our own state house. Probably illegally. The courts have yet to pass judgement on that. But the interesting thing is The sheriff of Dane County, where the capital is located, had his men stand down because they are not to fill the roll of “Palace Guards.” I think it’s crazy that I am going to be giving daps to a cop next time I see one.
  • It was just a few days ago I was complaining about how Wisconsin was awesome, even though we don’t have mountains
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    or oceans we are a good place to be. But thanks to Fox News we have palm trees now:

I just want to get back to snowboarding.

Day 11: A Plea to my Republican Friends

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The preamble

I saw this pic pop up on the twitters yesterday. Perfect example of the union thugs that are storming the Capitol in Madison

It was taken by Bill Schwulst. You can follow his twitter feed at BillSchwulst.

The Inspiration

“Legislator’s doors should be accessible to every constituent’s opinion, not just those they find common ground with,” said Carpenter. “I find it sad that this year, many of my Republican colleagues initially made a big show of leaving the doors of their offices open with signs stating they were ‘open for business.’ Now those same doors are closed, the signs are gone, and the public kept out.”

I took that from here.

The Goods

So I’ve acquired a few republican friends over the years. Some are friends who I’ve grown up with all my life, others I stumbled upon at various other points. And then I’ve got those friends who have become republican. And for all of them I have always made the excuse “They aren’t jesus republicans, they’re just fiscally conservative.”

But those days have too end. No longer can I sit by and pretend that your support of that party is about fiscal conservatism. You need to see it for what it is. This is a class war.

Part Une: Telephone for Governor Walker

We’ll start with the fearless Governor of Wisconsin. In case you’ve missed it, Scotty was pranked into taking a call from someone he thought to be one of his billionaire supporters. And what do the prankster and Scotty talk about? Check this, He admits that they considered planting troublemakers in the crowds in Madison to make the protesters and union marchers look like an angry mob. The Governor, the man most of my republican friends voted for, is a saboteur. He was willing to put the safety of a crowd of people, police offices and public safety workers at risk, just to make himself look better.

But lets break it down further. This has been a super peaceful protest. And it’s working. Nonviolence works. And Governor Walker considered introducing violence into this scene. His final reason for not doing it was that it might appear like he didn’t have control. For the religious types out there, tell me when the sin occurs, is it when you consider it, or when you act on it.

Actually disregard that, I don’t have time for your religion.

Furthermore in Walker’s phone call he tells his pseudo-backer that he thinks the republicans that support this bill are going to need some serious media support—My friends he just called you stupid. He thinks you are simpletons and brainwash-able. Run some TV ads, make them feel better about how their lives are about to start sucking Koch cocks.

Dos!: How is this saving/earning money?

Here’s one part of the bill that I love: the governor can sell the state’s powerplants to whomever he wants through no-bid contracts. How the fuck you gonna get a fair market price if you aren’t allowing bids. What this says is if the people of Wisconsin raise 500 BILLION dollars and wanted to buy their powerplants from the state they wouldn’t have the option. Because Koch Industries, who just happens to be in the energy game, can get it for whatever price they want. Well, consider it whatever price they want plus the few million they donated to Walker’s campaign and spent on brainwashing the stupid Wisconsin public.

Also Scotty gave back $810 million dollars already. Sure it was rail money and trains are socialist and it was going to cost a couple million dollars every year in up keep. But let’s also hit this one with the Maths:

The American people have already paid for this $810 million dollars. It was tax dollars we’ve all paid. Then it was given to Wisconsin. Using a very high estimate, we’ll say $5M annually is what the rail upkeep would be. So in 162 years the trains would start costing the citizens of Wisconsin money. In reality the expected train upkeep costs were closer to $2 million. Governor Walker blobviously looked at his 165-year plan and said “Fuck this, I’m a conservative. Besides trains are for socialists, like Rumorator,” and he sent back the money. But did you get your part of the $810 refunded? I know I’m still waiting by the mailbox for my check.

Tell me how this guy is saving for the average joe?

Part C: Where did tax money go?

In Wisconsin, our finest educational systems are all land-grant, public universities. They are to be funded through taxpayer money and in turn provide an exceptional value for the residents. Yet know it cost a small fortune to send a child to one of these schools. Certainly it’s because the TAs and Professors are all making so much more, right? Or is it because the amount of funding they get from the state has dropped from 50% to roughly 18%, leaving students and their families to pick up these tabs.

Now please tell me it’s because the state is broke, and we can’t afford to fund these institutions like we used to. But we can afford to hand out no-bid

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contacts and appoint good, strong, family men like Stephen Fitzgerald to head the state patrol.

Stephen’s a great guy he’s raised two sons. One of them is the state senate majority leader and the other is the state assembly leader. Both of them are backing Walker. So Steven is earning a modest $106,000 and getting a fat ass pension boost as he nears retirement (Fun fact: Stephen lost election to Dodge Country Sheriff by a 2-to-1 margin, so you know he’s a people person). And these same guys are telling you the teachers and unions are the ones practicing entitlement?


I hate paying taxes as much as anyone. I wish I could take home more of my pay. But what really irks me is where this money is spent. We are sponsoring a NASCAR team rather than women’s reproductive rights; We are handing out vouchers to send kids to average-at-best charter schools; rather than spending that same amount of money to improve our own schools; we are rewarding the family members of powerful people; giving away state jobs and state property; giving tax breaks to corporations that can afford to pay more. These are the reasons we can’t have nice things.

The working class

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will shoulder the brunt of these costs and if you think the republicans are there fighting for good ol’ average Americans you are tragically mistaken.

The best you can hope is to be fiscally conservative in your own life. Both parties will continue to spend out money on some things we don’t agree with, and many things that I doubt anyone would agree with.

To my republican friends, please open your eyes.