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I Paint Pets

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

I guess this is maybe what you do when you’ve got that special songbird. You call on this lady to paint you a portrait to hang on your wall, and allow you to never forget. Man, if you had two sildenafil citrate online of those portraits you could even call them Tower One and Tower Two. That’s how hard you’d never be forgetting.

Then again I’m in Winter Park, buy sildenafil online a ski town, so things are different here. I mean skiing and snowboardering are intrinsically suited trustedonlinepharmacy-safe for upper-middle-class white folks. It’s the nature of the game. Reminds me of the time Burton had the slogan “Keep snowboarding rich and white.” Of course, not to be out done, the entire Ski Industry was like “Snowboarding. Shit that’s for broke-ass suburban kids. Can I interest you in a coat made kamagra 100mg oral jelly sildenafil of your own Husky’s fur? Oh don’t worry we had a portrait of her done before we skinned her alive. Price point on this one is $1700.”

Trust me this is how it goes down. I learned this at SIA. While I was attending the trade show I also met This Dude. He seems like a solid blogger man.

Really though I grew up with unmatched opulence around me. I mean family vR lived large. But not once did we get a portrait of our pets. Though my prized beagle, Chauncey James Stevenson Minifridge VII, totally deserved one. And I can imagine cat ladies going nutso over this. The problem being they could never which of the six felines to have painted.

Come to think of it, my trustedonlinepharmacy-safe father’s fox hunting pack was painted once.