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2012-40: The Quick Hits Sammy

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

White Bread:

We’re gonna start off with some music, because much like bread music is the foundation for everything. It keeps us all together. Especially the raps music, right?

Crunchy Peanut Butter:

This car was parked outside of my office. I’m pretty sure this is not an Apple licensed product. I’m also pretty sure this was a DIY project. Probably found in the tech issue of Real Simple magazine. Right next to the instructions on how to make your own Oddities Museum*.


I copped this from Boardistan. It’s pretty rad. He said it was the best way you could spend 12 minutes. He might be right. Plus, it’s that dude from Oasis so moefaniel is gonna be stoked.

Marshmallow Fluff:

Could this be the Amberlamps? Because I don’t think it’s a real ambulance. I will support my buy sildenafil citrate online argument with these points

A: Civilian Plates.
2: Given the prefix “Para-“ can mean “closely related” or “almost,” and it’s paired with “tech,” we are looking at an, “almost practical application of knowledge in a particular area.” That sounds safe.
BRNZ: “…help is on the way.” No MFer. By the time someone can read that, help has already been there. Also, that ellipsis? What is being omitted?
Fin: That is the shittiest Caduceus ever.

Another Slice of White Bread Because This Aint Open Faced:

The Packers are a sprots team. They play the sprot of football americano. This dude is mega-star on the team and here we have a quick clip of his kickflippery. It’s pretty clear that at some point in his life #52 has been on a deck, but now he’s awkward on one and that’s somewhat funny. You know what’s even funnier than that? Right at the :06 mark you can see he really, REALLY wants to skate it Mongo.

And a online pharmacy provigil Bag of Chips:

Can we just stop now with all the Tupac’s Hologram jokes? That took less than a week to turn generic daily cialis to shit.

*Please look forward to the Real Simple article on making your own Oddities Museum later this week.

2012-33: The Larry Bird of 2012 posts

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Coming straight outta French Lick because we got some shit to cope with today.


I’ve been going on for the past couple of days about how skateboarding is still the raddest game in town and blah blah blah. And FlawsyFiles has been doing nothing to quell this feeling as of late. But then this happened


And suddenly I know where I belong—at home, pantsless, catching up on Game of Thrones or some shit.

UPDATE: 20 minutes after this clip was released, 12-year old Tom Schaar just melted into a globule of Red Bull, like a sugar-water Senator Robert Kelly.


Little Andy Troubles was back in action. I’m gonna bag on his music until the end (or until I like it) but you cannot deny the dude is 100% ripper. He’s still smooth with a shred stick under his feet, and really there aren’t that many people who can still look good while riding with Nico.

More Snowboarding Videos

Terms or phrases I’ve used to describe Nico’s riding: Sick, Sicc, ten-point-oh on the sichter scale, smooth, so smooth, fuck your mother, like a fat man on a hover-round, untouchable, Steezy P. Martini, rad, radder, the chronicles of radderist, amazing, amazering, kalangalangalang, almond joy, cuando es mi nalgas, You know that feeling you have the morning after the first time you get really hammered after you’ve turned 25 and you essentially just shit liquid at like 40 miles per hour, like a sprinting sasquatch, the uncanny valley, and cocoa butter.

UPDATE: Dude is stylish too. I’m liking that coat he’s running, but I still prefer his Marjorie, the trash heap, neck piece.


I hope these come in size 42 and with elastic waistbands. Because I can’t see even remotely fit people wearing these.

Apparently you can get them here.

Here’s an idea: if you’re going to sit down to eat your food anyway, why not just rest your plate on the ground, or on your picnic blanket. I do have to admit that this idea of food and plates at a picnic is pretty slick. Every picnic I’ve been on has only consisted of a bottle of water, a pack of Marlboro Blacks and a bag of mushrooms. And I never called it a “picnic.” I called it “blowing my fucking mind in a field outside of Washburn, Wisconsin.” I guess for efficiency of language purposes I can start using the term “picnic.”

UPDATE: I could see the Japanese and Southerners really getting down with these.


Friday, January 14th, 2011

Episode III: A New Hope

I’m probably going to do some snowboarding this evening. It seems like a fitting way to spend the night. I deserve this. Right?

Furreal, I do. I put in some serious work this week. Got the brain back to playing weight. Just in time too. I tossed down a fucking steel cage match yesterday. Endurance. Like 18 fucking hours. At one point the ref came in, lifted my hand, and it fell back to the mat. Then he did it again. And it fell again. He dropped it for the third time and it started to fall. Then it stopped and one finger stood erect, waved back and forth and sent the crowd into a goddamn frenzy. From that point on it was all Rumorator. Just kicking ass.


In Europe this weekend Kazu Kokubo will be winning contests and doing those mctwists that make Terry Hackenson jealous. Someone on the inside told me this.

As a-man says, all contests are rigged anyway.

Nonbeliever? Seriously. Japan.

If I were a contest judge and Kazu just one-hit the pipe and put down his mctwist. I would have him marked as the leader. And not just for that contest, I would give him first place in the previous two events and the next three. I’d even giving him a 2nd in the 2004 US Open. RETROACTIVE!


Jockville has some football games to deal with this weekend. And I want the citizens mixing cialis and levitra to deal with this:

We’re backing the Pack and Seakkle. Which should make it a very lisinopril 20 mg confusing championship game for former wiscozzie and current seakkalite, Ependergrast.

There could be some more skulls in that cialis or viagra Clay Matthews video though.


Lexus produced this video and I picked it up from Boardistan.

It’s a little long and that new car looks rather silly, but the ending is just awesome. Whitney Cummings (porno name) blobviously knew exactly when her union benefits kicked in.

“500 hours? Sweet. Now I can get my herpes med for just a co-pay”

Steve Berra looks like old balls.

Time to get your slack on

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Alright all you desk-jockeys, cubicle crusaders, and office park aficionados, it’s back to normal work weeks. That means it time to get back on your blog routine. It goes like this: work 1/2 a day, eat lunch, check blogs. You know this is true. Deal with it. Get down with today.

Item #1: Thrashin’

Spectre of the Brocken once told me to stay away from civil service dramas. I always took that advice lightly. Like when your health teacher told you nothing good ever comes of drug use. I thought it was just some old man kicking some ancient mindset at me.

Then last night I found myself sucked into some serious civil service junk. Shit had me hooked. and I didn’t even jump in until it was half over. But it was about skateboardering, so I’m predisposed to getting caught up. And Just so we are all on the same page, here is the synopsis to last night’s Cold Case episode, Hoodrats, direct from the CBS website:


The team re-opens the 1995 case of a skateboarding prodigy who lived on the streets.

Full Recap

The cold case team opens up a case of Nash Simpson, a skateboarding prodigy who went missing in the 1990’s. The team discovers the body of a John Doe in an abandoned warehouse and they were able to identify the body as Nash Simpson. The team now has some clues to work with in his disappearance case. They discover that Nash had made many friends, but also made many enemies after he ran away from New Jersey to Philadelphia. He was able to parlay his skateboarding skills into a career. He was able to obtain a sponsor and was on his way to becoming a star but fell in with the wrong crowd. Ultimately, one of Nash’s new junkie friends betrayed and killed him in order to score his next fix.

Now we’re going to go over a few points here.

  1. No matter how many suburban white kids get skate decks they’re still going to get called hoodrats. Which is ridiculous because, it’s like  Badu said, looking for cheese don’t make you  a hoodrat. But hey, this is about cop dramas, and it’s best that CBS does whatever it can to maintain the tension between cops and kids with skate decks.
  2. Up-and-coming street skater Nash (probably named after Nash skateboards) was killed because he could “skate a line” no one else could. That’s right, Nash could do a kickflip off some ghetto ramp set-up. Seriously a kickflip. I better watch my back because at the end of my skating days i was tossing down kickflips like a beast. A kickflip is the culinary equivalent of a tuna melt.
  3. If they wanted to make this story realistic they should have focused more on Nash’s ability to skate the ghetto ramp. For real, that thing looked sketchy.
  4. Lastly to calm the erves of all the Suburban parents unwinding before bed, the proven killer was not the white kid. No it was the pan-asian kid. Like it should surprise anyone that it was the minority character. However I do have to give CBS a big high five to putting zero effort into this show other than giving the pan-asian a flannel to button all the way up, to also remind white folks that Latinos kill people too. Especially white kids who are good at at things.
  5. This show uses some visual element in which the characters are shown as themselves when the case went cold. It’s like a TV’s representation of a spank bank.  In this case I’m guessing it went cold in 1991 based on the use of a track off Siamese Dream. Like any dude in a pair of Droors would have been pumping that album.
  6. I was so pist no one ever used the term “thrash” or any variation of it.

Item #2: Wok-a-thon

Broder vR passed me a wok for christmas. I finally busted that shit out in style.

What you are looking at here is a mint chutney, tuna marsala samosas, stir-fried onions, peppers, zucchini and cashews, and garlic naan. My diet is amazing.

Speaking of samosas, I owe the recipe to the broad in this video: