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2012-24: US Open memories

Friday, March 9th, 2012


The US Open of snowboarderism is happening this weekend. Well, most of it is happening as I type and you read, but the finals will be this weekend. I don’t even know who we’re supposed to be cheering for. Are we supposed to be cheering for anyone? Or do we just stand on the side of the pipe and discuss Nidecker’s business plan for board sales in North America.

The first time I attended the US Open was in 2000. The last time I attended the US Open was in 2000. I was too inexperienced to really get on the party train. Plus I had just driven down from Burlington for the day. I had never been. I was just told that I should certainly go. Stratton was fucking way too weird for me. I swear to christ I saw a dude in a tuxedo, on stilts, juggling. I was shook. By that point in my life I had seen some shit, but I wasn’t ready for Stratton. My mouth was dry. I had a spot of blood on my jacket that had fallen from my nose.

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My ears

were ringing.

I stood on the edge of the halfpipe and watched shit go down. It’s hard for me to say who my idols were at that time. Obviously Terje. Jeffy. Peter Line. It was a weird time in snowboarding and it was a weird time for me. I had just finished living in the south. My exposure to snowboarding was minimal during that time. 2 days of riding the previous winter and limited access to shred mags. I owned a Forum. I bought it at the B-side from a dude named A-dog who I

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would occasionally see at dancehall reggae jams at RJs. I wish I could say these were made-up facts.

Anyway, I snapped pics with a point and shoot loaded with film. I got these pics of Brushie.

They aren’t good pics by any means, and A-man is going to tell me to show the lip, but they are the raddest to me. I also have a pic I love of some dude just tweaked on his Dragon (second time in 7 days I have referenced that board). Terje was there. Poaching. Daniel Franck, definitely a super ripper at the thyme, sharing the name, just blasting in my face like an adult film star, that was rad. One of the Teter brothers was on a monster board, like a Canyon 169, and he was going way over everybody’s heads. But he was strait airing, and as Louie Vito and Shawn White have shown us, it’s all about twinkle toes.

But snowboarding was different then. Ross Powers won and did so in a polo shirt. RLXXX. At some point I picked up the autograph of some broad named Leslie Olson. I don’t remember what she did, but she felt a need to tell a young Rumorator to “Dream big.” She wrote this rather large too. I can only assume this was to drive home the message.

It was weird. It was awesome. I don’t know that I will ever go back.

The following year my name also appeared in Eastern Edge magazine.


I’ve decided I’m cheering for Kazu Kokubo. Mctwist. Chicken wing.

and Kjersti Buaas, but that is because she fucking rips shit and is scandonavianly attractive.

On a sarcastic note: I really hope Kelly Clark and Jamie Anderson and Chaz Guldemond win. The Terry Richardsons of snowboarding.


Can someone please explain this too me:

500,000 people can’t be wrong! Also, she makes me feel okay about my dancing.

Le bois

Sorry about that last part. Get yourself corrected:


2012-23: What to do This Weekend

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I assume most of us wont be at the US Open. So might I suggest this instead.

Slushy park laps and serious ball sweat. Be there. Bring beers.

Stop using WWW, just make it

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Here’s the agenda for today’s blog: Politics, Raps, Snowboards, Life Betterment

1th Smells like inaccuracy

Everyone knows that Switzerland is a direct democracy. That’s not freedom. Freedom is a Constitutional Republic. I mean the Switzerlanders are money-hiders and watchmakers and socialist. So socialist in fact, I bet that Commie Pinko bastard, G Machots is getting wild over them. They probably don’t even vote.

Next time I buy a deodorant scented like freedom, I had damn well better be able to pop the cap off, take a deep breath and suck in the scent of rusted-out factories, pissy alleyways, and some good mood food.

2st Asia Born

I got to catch Lyrics Born play the Orton Park Festival. It was cool for several reasons. It was outside. It was dark. There were $4 Labatt Blues. It was free.

The show was really quite good. LB is fucking steady. He puts on a wicked show with mega-energy just radiating from he and Joyo on the stage. I think people nearby may even testify to having seen old Rumorator give the show a little Ka-lang-a-lang. But none of them can prove this.

My favorite part of the show was seeing the banners on the stage he was performing on. I suspect he must have taken one look at it and thought “ Heartland CU! These dudes know how to party!”


Winter is coming. So is the new Holden line. I hope.


You got one of these rigs?

You should. It fucking eliminated everything. Food Processor? It’s got’s that attachment. Blender? Gonezo. Coffee Grinder? Now used specifically for weed. Toaster? Fuck that thing. Fleshlight? You gotta live on the edge

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Seriously get one. I’ve been a smoothie machine because of it. Also puree-ing kohlrabi, carrots, beets and the list goes on. I’m drinking more liquified foods than your gramma with no teeth. For real, get one.


If you’re on the twitters you might want to follow BonIverBlows. The dude is pissed up about music.

Where you been all week?

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Whoa, it’s mega catch-up time. I should have written this yesterday but I was detained by the TSA. I figured since Osama was taken out of the equation it would be totally cool for me to fly with a 5 gallon bucket of paint thinner.

I was wrong.

Which leads me to item number one: If we are now in a heightened state of a terrorism warning, weren’t we better off with this boogey man alive. I’m not saying that the dude deserved to have a happy life with a harem of middle eastern whores taking care of him. But what did we gain by assassinating him? We’re still burdened with the Patriot Act, the TSA, and the legacy of two Bush-Cheney terms.

Then we also got deal with crowds of people out in the street chanting “USA USA!” Consider this: If anyone of those crowds would have had Bin Laden’s body, what would have the scene looked like? Would the people be body passing the corpse, ripping the clothes off and waiting for him to land on the ground so they could spit and piss all over it?  That seems way too much like what has been done to the bodies of American soldiers by the crowds in the countries our military is occupying. We are trained to believe the people of the middle east are savages and we need to make their lives better. But it seems the only difference is our crowds are lacking a corpse to desecrate.

I keep thinking that people are better than this, but humanity keeps letting me down.

Part 2: New tunes

Get with this pleasant sound coming out of Minneapolis:
Edmund by fatheryouseequeen

C’mon, the band’s name is Father You See Queen. I can get down with this.

In other music notes. The new Beastie Boys album is out today. You should probably all get it. If for no other reason than it’s the Beastie Boys. Go get it now.

Part 26.1

I was up in the northland this weekend because my friends EDK and Hinx were running a marathon. So much respect to them. In all honesty I watched the crowd of 1800 take off and never once saw them. I also had to duck out before they finished. What I did see was people who could barely walk, crossing a finish line. Including one  dude who had to squat down and walk across the finish backwards. Why would people do that to themselves? Weirdos.

I saw their kids too. Rad kids for sure.
I also ingested two of the worst cappuccinos ever. It seems people from the norf don’t know how to pull espresso shots.

I also gave a dollar to this Riverwest looking broad:

All she told me was, “You’re fucked.” At least when the Chinese tell me that, I get a cookie to chomp on.

Fuck a roof rack:

I took this photo at 80mph.

I’m going to let you decide what caption to give this nest image, but I’m giving three examples to get you started:

1. This is where we keep the horses.
2. Last time I saw something like this I woke up with it in my bed.
3. They used to have another very similar to this, but it was a full length one of Solo.

Part 4: Snowboarding

I thought for sure Volcom being sold to the parent company of Gucci was going to be the biggest news in snowboarding yesterday. Then I saw this:

Fuck. Good god.

I’m pretty sure the pants shown at 3:58 are what Keylo wears to summer shows at Alpine.

Part 5

Speaking of Keylo, check out the new shirts the boys just put out.

They actually put out a whole new spring line-up, I just happen to like this one the most. Check ‘em out and order ‘em up here


Friday, April 1st, 2011

The winter batch of trivia wrapped up last night. It was a somber end. We asked the 60 questions, tossed some high fives, some daps, took some cash and splitzvilled that joint. We had no other choice. The Lord of Rings pinball machine in that place is busted to fuckall. I’m half surprised the ball never blasts right through the glass.

So co-host and I were talking to some other guys who have played a bit of pinball in their day. And everyone is telling us two things: ArtBar is has a sweet Indiana Jones game and Thurmon’s has Batman.

Here’s the thing: I don’t go deep enough into Riverwest to hit ArtBar. So it seemed like Thurman’s was a good choice. But everyone keep saying things to us like, “Oh yeah, they have pinball in the back, where people go to smoke herb. You guys get high?” or “Oh yeah, Thurman’s. There will probably be a couple of guys smoking weed on the pinball machines.”

So we head over to Thurmon’s. Walking in we are greeted by a huge mural of Jerry Garcia. This is my first clue that this place isn’t named after Buffalo Bills’ superstar running back Thurman Thomas. We made our way to the back of the bar where the Batman machine was. And what the fuck do you know? There are two dudes smoking grass back there. Shit. The whole place smelled like that sweater I used to wear in college.

We didn’t stick around.

Instead we made our way to Landmark and ran the circuit.

Shayboarder’s Rumorator’s Honesty Box: Nightmare on Elmstreet pinball is garbage barge. A functioning Lord of the Rings game is top notch. Batman and Indiana Jones are somewhere in the top 5 as well.

Part 2:

NWBROWHETHER is claiming he’d do nothing but ride u-tubes, if there where was one in all of Warshington State. Go tell him what you think here.

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Part 3:

Whistler is only 14 days away.

Word Around Town

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Word around town is that this is really, finally, no fucking using viagra to last longer lies, SNOWAPALOOZA! For the next few days, if you can bear the cold, it’s time to break out those Charlie Slashers, the Party Sharks,

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the Lolos, the Fishes.
I would tell you to break out your Notch, but no one buys Rome decks anymore.
Shit, I’ve seen more Hooger Boogers than Romes this season.

Word around town is that The Dirtbag adcirca tadalafil Crew is gonna be slaying urban rails.
Forget it gents. File under highly unlikely. All discount viagra canada those rails is gonna be tadalafil tablets in pakistan buried. That’s what this blizzard is dumping on us. Sell your marlboros and car insurance. The elderly are gonna be fucked.

Word around town is that Jesus built this rapper:

Monday Mini Minute

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Things are looking good this week:

The weather-freaker-outers are saying possibly 20 inches. I’ll be pleased with half of that. Granted there is a cold-ass Thursday  in the mix but it’s Wisconsin. Buck up, kid.

Addendum #1

Snowboarder Mag uses silly embaed codes so i can’t drop it in here, but  you should check out this video.

Fuck your Hootie and the Blowfish tracks.

I would have never guessed this crap was public domain already.

Addendum #2

It’s coming, bitches.

Bonus Image: Ghost of Rumorator!


Friday, January 14th, 2011

Episode III: A New Hope

I’m probably going to do some snowboarding this evening. It seems like a fitting way to spend the night. I deserve this. Right?

Furreal, I do. I put in some serious work this week. Got the brain back to playing weight. Just in time too. I tossed down a fucking steel cage match yesterday. Endurance. Like 18 fucking hours. At one point the ref came in, lifted my hand, and it fell back to the mat. Then he did it again. And it fell again. He dropped it for the third time and it started to fall. Then it stopped and one finger stood erect, waved back and forth and sent the crowd into a goddamn frenzy. From that point on it was all Rumorator. Just kicking ass.


In Europe this weekend Kazu Kokubo will be winning contests and doing those mctwists that make Terry Hackenson jealous. Someone on the inside told me this.

As a-man says, all contests are rigged anyway.

Nonbeliever? Seriously. Japan.

If I were a contest judge and Kazu just one-hit the pipe and put down his mctwist. I would have him marked as the leader. And not just for that contest, I would give him first place in the previous two events and the next three. I’d even giving him a 2nd in the 2004 US Open. RETROACTIVE!


Jockville has some football games to deal with this weekend. And I want the citizens mixing cialis and levitra to deal with this:

We’re backing the Pack and Seakkle. Which should make it a very lisinopril 20 mg confusing championship game for former wiscozzie and current seakkalite, Ependergrast.

There could be some more skulls in that cialis or viagra Clay Matthews video though.


Lexus produced this video and I picked it up from Boardistan.

It’s a little long and that new car looks rather silly, but the ending is just awesome. Whitney Cummings (porno name) blobviously knew exactly when her union benefits kicked in.

“500 hours? Sweet. Now I can get my herpes med for just a co-pay”

Steve Berra looks like old balls.

The What’s What.

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Pagina una:

As of late I’ve been huckstering some product, trying to convince people that mustaches are a good thing and should be celebrated. On the inside, I regard a mustache as the sign of someone not to be trusted. A rogue. A scoundrel. A  ne’er-do-well. A knave. A shitbag. This is very similar to the feelings I get when women tell me they have to be up early on Sunday morning to morning. I kinda want to ask, “You’re kidding, right?” Man, if I knew it was going to be that kind of party, I would have never even let you in.

I’ll keep you posted on this.

Pagina dos:

Somebody is putting their hands up for Detroit:

Look at that car, MFer, and tell me my city doesn’t get gritty. Sheeeeeeitttttttt! Even the Silver Spurt is looking more like a Hazy Shade of Winter. And if the Spurt is Simon and Garfunkel, this rig must be Procol Harem.

Pagina Tres:

Art (not Garfunkel)

Pagina Cuatro:

Jocks: If there is a Seakkle vs Green’s Bay NFC championship I will challenge A Man to a Blogger Championship.  Man, I feel like Ted Dibiase issuing that kind of challenge. HOGAN!

Johnny Five:

I haven’t been out on the shrad but for one day this year. However, I’ve been at the bike park twice in the past week. You figure it out.

Ancient Times

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Loveland Pass

And this is how it was if you were from the midwest in the mid 90s. Everyone had Burton decks except that far out kid on the end. I still have that Rippey hanging out in my living room. For fun we had to make runs to Colorado. Man, you can even tell how flat Colorado is in that picture. But we were there to hit some jump called the Ironing Board, or some shit like that. Supposedly EVERYONE was hitting it. I’m guessing this was winter of 97-ish and we were 2-3 years late on it.

But let’s take in the finer points here:

  • Ralph Lauren Hat
  • Dub Jacket (so legit at the time)
  • sunglasses, not goggles
  • One dude rocking Airwalk boots.
  • On Thumbs up, one peace sign, one shaka, and Moefaniel has disabled hands on account of his mitts.

Soon after this photo was taken I snapped a binding strap, coming off a massive 3-ft air and tumbled, one foot still on the board for about 100 feet. So awesome.