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2012-22: Weekeded Adventures

Monday, March 5th, 2012


Considering I was headed to the town that is in pretty much the dead center of Wisconsin, I wasn’t expecting much.

Wausau has too thick of an adipose zone that is that Badger State to be influenced by Chicago or Minneapolis. Even Madison and Milwaukee seem too far away to be connected to this town. I don’t even know

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if there is an airport around here.

Wausau is also the gateway to the Northern Wisconsin, “The Northwoods” as it’s called by those who try to sell it as vacationland to people in the suburbs of Chicago, or as they like to call it “Chicagoland.” But for those who aren’t going to the Northern Wisconsin to vacation. Wausau is the jump-off. The kind of place you get a few bags of rice, a few pelts, a canoe or the Carhartt jacket for the wildness that lies beyond. The people of this community are a kind and gentle people, but they

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are realist. They will wish you well and pat your back before they watch you head north. But by the time you’re out of sight, they’ve already finished grieving for the loss of you.

I’ll be happy to go on and on about Northern Wisconsin, but don’t want to bother you with that here.

However, this visit to Wausau was wicked. The first thing we did was head to Central Boardshop to meet up with shop owner/runner/everything dude Kurth. It’s pretty legit shop he’s got going on—clean, well-organized, good gears and a solid crew of locals hanging about. We caught dinner with him and a couple of his shop riders (for real, he’s got shop teams for skate and shreddery.) and then flipped it into a few drinks. Those drinks turned into shots and darts and bad dancing all around. But whatever, even the lackluster DJ couldn’t stop the crew. Those dudes know how to cut loose on the edge of civilization.

If you’re ever in that area, check out Central. They’ll probably have whatever you need.


The next day we were up at Granite Peak early. Working with fancy-pants, 2013 gears. People kept asking for stickers. I just deferred them to Keef and Jay. Not my job, not my problem. Ya dig? After a while we rode snowboards, and I rode this thing:

Definitely not the ideal conditions or location for such a board, but it was wicked fun. It put

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a smile on my face.

I also have this in my possession for the time being: I still need to use it:

Pretty stoked.


I want to be in the middle of this picture:

Mostly because they’re in Germany.


Only 11 more days until the Tahoe adventure begins.

Peace out, Fuck-os.

2012-17: Lisptrack #7: The Winter That Wasn’t and Dog Stories

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

2-15-12 by Rumorator

I said strive, I should have said

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Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Happy New Year!
Okay, now can-it and let’s get to work here. We’ve got things to cover:

Utah in 4 days. I got $5 that says I get no more than 9 runs in, over 3 days. Last time I was in Park City people were telling me what a horrible year it was. That was six years ago. This year people are saying “No really, this is the worst year ever.” I’ve seen this before, Jackson Hole in 1998 and again in 2004. Worst years ever.

Anyway, if you need me from Friday–Monday I will be camped out at CobraDogs.

There was a mini QCC ‘leven thrown down. It was just me and Chip. And it involved Ashley’s and JJ’s Fish and Chicken.

Ashley’s: Located at 15rd and Center, people have been talking about this place being more legit than Speed Kween, which seems to be a point of contention. So we went. Parked the Silver Spurt and walked in. The interior is void of any seating, except for like 3 chairs against the wall. There was also Mortal Combat II, Ms Pac Man, some zombie shooting game, and a couple of unplugged video poker machines. The entire customer area was about 300sq. ft. and somehow they

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claim to run weekend buffets in this joint.

There were several menus, but none of them had pricing on them. One menu featured “Rack of Ribs” (no pricing), so I stepped to woman behind the bulletproof glass.
“I’ll have the rack of ribs?” that question mark represents the uncertainty of what I was getting myself into.
“Beans and slaw?”
“A soda…a mountain dew I guess.”

JJ’s: The meal from JJ’s was catfish nuggets, salt, fries, salt and chicken wings with salt. It was like $9 with the salt and a free grape soda.

We went back to Co-host’s joint to eat this mess. The ribs from Ashley’s were stacked like 3 levelles deep and came with 4 pieces of white bread. The ribs were pretty damn tasty. The slaw wasn’t worth putting in my mouth. And the beans, while they looked unappealing they were okay, but not good enough to put in my quickly filling gut.

Moving into the JJ’s meal, Chip had warned me that the fries sucked balls and there may be bones in the catfish nuggets. After one bite of everything we began discussing the finer points of

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JJ’s triple salting process. That was basically the highlight of JJ’s. That was seriously the saltiest food I have ever consumed. Even when my parents were in their hippie phase and we had goats with salt blocks to lick and my older brother made me lick that salt block, I was thinking, “This is salty, but someday I will eat at a place called JJ’s and it will be way saltier.”

In the end I was a little bummed out. I wanted JJ’s to be good. I wanted it to be this gem that everyone just drives past and assumes if a crappy place to eat [Eddie Vedder voice] even though [/Eddie Vedder voice] it’s amazing. But nope, it’s just a crappy place to get salty food. The mural inside is shitty too.

Ashley’s on the other hand it worth going back to. So solid. Just don’t get the full rack of ribs.

I was in the middle of bagging on these books, when someone told me how good they were. I really don’t believe them, but it made me feel like an asshole.

Whatever. I judge these books by their covers, but more by their shitty titles.

I drove over my snowboard, and I really working on those lip slides.

Head Above Surface

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011


This is where we’re at for now:

1. There is now real snow here.

2. The fake snow is now like concrete, with ribbing.

3. I am too afraid of falling to get mildly wicked on the shredder.

4. This is what happens when I decide rails should be part of my first run of the day.

call me anytime, ladies.


Early Season Product Review

Holden Field jacket: Still long, but I’ve gotten used to it

Holden Durden pants: The legs are still attached and I haven’t caught my peep in the zipper yet. In reality I like these pants much more than I anticipated. I find them agreeable.

Burton Pointer pants: Solid pants, again the legs are still attached and no dick carnage. I like that these have buttons rather than snaps. I suspect I can ride switch in these.

Burton Mr. Nice Guy: This is

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a fun thing to have strapped to my feet. I am pleased

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with my purchase.

Orange-ish/Red toque I found in my basement: Top notch. Rather versatile, I can wear it alone, under my helmet or even just tucked into my back pocket. Also, warm. Great on boxes and rails.

8 days of a sore ass-muscle: Fuck this thing.



Maybe I’m just missing it.
But I don’t think so. Let’s cover the key elements here:

· An snowman with a high heel shoe as his nose

· The line “Frosty the Crossdresser”

Do you get it? Are you laughing?

Does this make any sense to anyone? Am I missing something? Is it something with the hair or the shape of the mouth? I’m so confused. I’ve always known a crossdresser to be someone who dresses as the opposite gender. I’ve also always considered snowmen asexual. I can say this because at no point in my life have I thought, “I’m kinda wanna see that snowman’s donger or vagina.” Which is uncommon, as I’ve thought that about most personified and a fair number of inanimate objects.

Now had the heels been simply put at the base of the snowman I would get it. It wouldn’t be funny, but I would understand it. But the heel as a nose, where it is replacing a button or possibly a carrot, is beyond me.

This is probably going to ruin my Christmas.